DWG Canyon's Thoughts on Flame: "Whenever I am jungling, Flame makes my life so much easier. Flame organizes my thoughts for me."

On Week 6 Day 3 of the LCK Spring Split, Damwon Gaming defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-1.

Although Afreeca had lost today’s series, Dread, AFS jungler, definitely showed his jungle prowess by stealing one Dragon and one Elder Dragon. While the first game went to the side of Afreeca thanks to Dread, Damwon was resilient.

Creating early to mid game dominance, Damwon quickly regained control and took games 2 and 3 off of Afreeca. After the games, Canyon was interviewed in the press room. Below are his responses.

¤ How do you feel about today’s win?

We were on a 5 win streak and today's win made it our 6th win. I wanted to extend our win streak, and I am extremely happy we were able to do that today.

¤ You were subbed in after the 1st game’s loss. What was going through your mind when you were watching the game?

I felt a bit of pressure. Regardless, I think I did my absolutely best today. Watching the first game, I knew that the series was very winnable as long as we played without making mistakes.

¤ Dread played insanely well in the first game. Did you feel pressured at all when you were subbed in?

Dread is famous for his Kha’Zix in solo q. I thought to myself “I guess I shouldn’t let him pick Kha “(laughs).

¤ In game 2, you picked Sejuani. Sejuani has not been picked for awhile now. What was the reasoning in picking her?

Irelia and Sejuani have better synergy compared to Jax and Zac. In addition, I knew there was no jungle burden since Sejuani is not pressured by Zac.

¤ Were you not worried a little by Afreeca’s constant role and lane swaps?

I didn’t stress too much about it. In the second game, I played majorly towards the mid lane. In the third game, Afreeca had a very strong early game line up. I knew that as long as we didn’t give them early game leads, we would be fine.

¤ Damwon is on a massive win streak. Do you have any greater goals in mind?

My only wish is to continue our win streak. Us as a team do not necessarily care about scores. All we care and have our mindset on is to do well in-game. To win.

¤ You seem to have good synergy with Flame and Nuguri. What differentiates them from each other?

Nuguri is a very aggressive player who does well even if you leave him alone. Granted, if we leave him alone for too long, Nuguri does ‘interesting’ things (laughs). In regards to Flame, he is very openly spoken. Whenever I am jungling, Flame makes my life so much easier. Flame organizes my thoughts for me. However, to be brutally honest, I rarely go to the top lane (laughs).

¤ Damwon’s next games are against Kingzone and SANDBOX.

As long as we maintain our pace and not make any mistakes, I am sure we have a good chance at beating both Kingzone and SANDBOX.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

It feels amazing to be on a win streak right now. I will try my best to continue our win streak.


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