Gen.G reveals Apex Legends team with former Overwatch Pros silkthread, dummy and Grimreality.

Apex Legends is undoubtedly the hottest FPS game on the market. Its allure has been enticing esports pros and streamers across various genres  -- even fighting game pros have been streaming the Battle Royale game to a captive audience.

As the game continues to grow in popularity and discussions of esports viability become more common, groups of retired and tier 2/3 Overwatch players are finding a new home in Apex Legends. After all, the biggest complaint about Overwatch is the decreased the importance of FPS fundamentals like aim and movement -- two things that define a skilled Apex Legends player.

Today, the newest group of Overwatch alumni have officially moved into the Apex Legends competitive circuit. 

Tim "dummy" Olson,  Christopher "GrimReality" Schaefer and Ted "silkthread" Wang have officially been signed as competitive Apex Legends players, joining the Korean based esports organization Gen.G.



Gen.G has been hard at work diversifying its esports offering and their acquisition of known Overwatch talent is their newest venture. 

SilkthreadFormer LA Gladiators player finds a new home.



Silkthread was a household name during Season 1 of the Overwatch league and his unexpected retirement from the game as Season 2 approached was a shock to fans and esports pundits. With a raw talent for FPS games, his venture into Apex Legends has placed him in the esports limelight once again. 

GrimrealityWas LA Valiant Overwatch, now Gen.G Apex Legends


Formayer Immortals player turned LA Valient DPS and then Assistant Coach, Grimreality was a long-time Overwatch competitor that made a name for himself during the earliest months of the games competitive history. Known for a lethal McCree in Overwatch, his skill with a Wingman is just as deadly.

DummyFrom TF2, Overwatch Contenders, to Apex.




Dummy never made it to the Overwatch League but, like Grimreality, was competing in Overwatch since the games very first tournaments. Dummy has an extensive history as a Team Fortress 2 player, playing for iconic teams like Team Liquid and the legendary Froyotech. Dummy knows a thing or two about FPS games and this fragger mentality is exactly what makes players excel in a game like Apex Legends.

Won't be the last.

This new team isn't the first former Overwatch player to make a splash within Apex Legends. Lucas "Mendokusaii" Håkansson, recently set a solo-kill record that gained him an influx of Apex Legends fans and followers.

As the Battle Royale continues to grow in popularity, it likely that more Overwatch players who haven't found a spot in Season 2 of the league will try their hand at competitive Apex Legends.

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