SKT T1 Khan on Conqueror & Spear of Shojin: "I think people tend to overrate it... I don’t think it’s that OP"


SKT T1 defeated Gen.G 2-0 on the 2nd day of week 6 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season. SKT T1 easily defeated Gen.G in both game 1 and 2; the gap between the two teams for team’s total gold and kills grew bigger and bigger as the games went on. It came to a point where Gen.G wasn’t able to turn the tide and SKT T1 went straight to destroying their Nexus in both games. Khan, the MVP for today’s match, played an important role in crushing Gen.G in today’s match.

Following is the interview with Khan, the top laner for SKT T1.



Congratulations! How do you feel about your victory?

Last time, we lost a game we almost won and everyone felt disheartened since we lost 2-1. Today, we didn’t make any mistakes and won 2-0, which feels great.

You stood out in today’s game for your performance in game 1 and your pick in game 2. Do you feel more confident about your own play nowadays?

It’s not just me but everyone on the team made an improvement in team coordination. That’s why I’m getting more and more confident. Based on the improvement I’ve been making since our practice, my team would have complete faith in me and let me play whatever I want even when I am picking something unconventional.

It’s been a while since Riven started to gain so much attention. How did it feel like when you finally got to play Riven?

The recent patch is good for Riven and many other pro top laners practice playing Riven. With this as an opening, I think we will be now able to see Riven in the top lane more frequently -- which I do hope actually happens.

There are many people who say that Conqueror Rune too OP; the same goes for Spear of Shojin. What is your thought on this?

Shojin used to be an item that is almost like Soul Sickle; I don’t think they are too different. I guess you could say it’s like ‘rediscovering an item’. I think people tend to overrate it as well. It’s the same for Conqueror. Any champions that have synergy with Conqueror may have high efficiency but there are also some champions that aren’t great with it. I don’t think it’s that OP.

Is there any champion that goes well with Conqueror?

Other than Riven, Irelia goes well with Conqueror. You can keep on fighting when you are closing in upon your target.

Many fans say that SKT T1 is getting better and better at team fighting. I heard that it’s usually Faker and Mata who make the calls, is that right? Which one out these two makes the most calls?

Rather than having someone make the most calls, everyone shares their opinions and follow the majority. We do tend to listen to Mata, Faker, and Clid (since he is our jungler) a lot. We don’t really have disagreements during tournaments but when we do during our practice, we listen to each other carefully and have everyone join in to give feedback after the practice. We can usually put an end to any arguments by calmly talking through it. Discussing things in this way tends to help us a lot.

You’ll be playing against Kinzgone DragonX next. Pawn said that SKT T1 doesn’t seem to be performing well nowadays during his interview. How do you feel about that?

It’s been a while since we’ve played against each other so he doesn’t seem to remember well. I’ll show him what he’s playing against, which you can certainly look forward to.

After KZ, you’ll be playing against Griffin, the team on the top of the food chain. How do you think your match against them will turn out?

I always feel confident about myself. Plus, I think we will be able to perform better than what we did last time against them.

Is there anyone you are keeping your eyes on in particular or anyone you’d like to win against?

Rather than personally wanting to win against someone, I think it is my role to help my team win all games and climb to a higher place in the standings.

Lastly, any message for your fans?

It was unfortunate that we lost against DAMWON Gaming. We will try our best to win in remaining matches in Round 2. Thank you so much for your support.

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