KZ Pawn on SKT T1: " If we manage to defeat SKT T1, that would leave us only Griffin to worry about in Round 2... I do think that we will win since T1 doesn’t seem to be performing well nowadays."


Kingzone DragonX defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 on March 1st. Although they had fairly an easy game in game 1, they had a hard time playing in game 2 until they managed to turn the tide in the last team fight. We had the chance to interview Pawn, the mid laner for Kingzong DragonX about today’s victory and their next match against SKT T1.

Following is the interview with Pawn, the mid laner for KZ.


Congratulations on your victory today! How do you feel?

I felt sorry about how game 1 went but I think I will be able to perform better next time on picks like Sylas. As for game 2, I think I did fairly well even though Lissandra’s counter is Le Blanc. Actually, you can win against Le Blanc with Lissandra and Le Blanc against Lissandra. It’s just that I think I played well enough.

Today’s match was important because both Kingzone DragonX and Hanwha Life Esports scored 6 wins and 4 losses. How did you expect today’s match to go?

The drafts went as we expected. Actually, we didn’t know they were going to pick Azir in game 1 so I got easily ganked. Other than that, everything went as we expected.

Game 1 was fairly easy for you but game 2 wasn’t that easy for your team to turn the tide. Nevertheless, you did. What did you find difficult about game 2?

We weren’t playing good so it was like we got kills and gave kills in return. We should have tried to take it slow and split-push; since our team comp was good for late phase, we should have let Camille take the lead and try to snowball slowly. But it got messed up so it took longer than it should have.

Also, since Ashe doesn’t have much mobility, we thought that we could still win if we managed to stay even with the enemy team. We always had this mindset that we will win whenever we played. Even though we had a hard time in early game, we knew we’d win anyway -- me and Deft would carry.

Key picked Bard in game 2 and Bard isn’t a pick that appeared in the LCK that often. How did your team react to it?

They were just like, “Oh, he picked Bard.” I think Key picked Bard in order to save their Ashe from our Jarvan IV; but we had many champions that could go after Ashe like Camille so it didn’t matter anyway.

Many fans say that the bot laners are the strongest lane in KZ. HLE banned Ezreal and focused on trying to prevent Deft from scaling. How do you feel about that?

As for the Ezreal ban, Deft is good at Ezreal but it just happens that HLE regards highly of Ezreal. We thought that even though our bot laners may have a rough time in the early game, they’d still win anyway. We have strong faith in our bot laners.

Are there any mid champions you think got buffed due to the recent patch? If you were to recommend any champions to play in mid lane, what would that be?

Maybe Azir…? Maybe not. I’m not sure. Actually, I think it’s more like a nerf to mid laners. Maybe Le Blanc, Ryze, Lissandra, and Sylas -- they are champions okay to play and play against.

You will be playing against SKT T1 next. How do you feel? Do you feel prepared?

We managed to pay back for the defeat we tasted from SANDBOX Gaming. If we manage to defeat SKT T1, that would leave us only Griffin to worry about in Round 2. I think we will be able to have easy games once we manage to defeat SKT T1. I do think that we will win since T1 doesn’t seem to be performing well nowadays.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?

I haven’t been steady in my performance lately and I wasn’t feeling well today because I have a cold. I will make sure that my Sylas will be good when we are playing against SKT T1.

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