Seoul Dynasty Fissure: "My mission is to have no regrets when the season is over."

At the end of last season, Chan-hyung "Fissure" Baek was the center of controversy. He helped the Los Angeles Gladiators push towards a playoff run, only to not represent the Gladiators in the season
playoffs. In effect, the Gladiators were eliminated by the London Spitfire in the quarterfinals.

Seoul Dynasty was expected to make at least one of the stage playoffs last season, due to their history as Lunatic-Hai in South Korea. However, they could not make any stage playoffs last season whatsoever. In an attempt to redeem last season’s shortcomings, the Seoul Dynasty signed Fissure during the offseason. With a high-caliber tank player in Fissure, the Seoul Dynasty are looking to make a run towards stage playoffs and beyond.

After Fissure and Seoul Dynasty defeated Chengdu Hunters in Week 2 of the Overwatch League, Fissure spoke with Inven Global about his offseason, what Fissure is bringing to the Dynasty this year, and has a message to the rest of the teams in the league.

photo by Robert Paul


Hi Fissure, congrats on the victory. Everything is looking to click for the Dynasty during these past two weeks. How was your off-season prior to joining the team?

The offseason for me was kind of hard because I was in the Gladiators and I was supposed to have a break right after I left the team. The thing is, because Seoul was not able to make playoffs, they had a break early. When I joined the team, they had started practicing already. I had no actual break because of this, so that's why it was kind of hard.

Last season, the Dynasty was expected to make playoffs, but unfortunately did not. What do you all have to prove this year?

Instead of proving something to anybody, I think our goal is to minimize our errors. I can't say the Dynasty is the best team, but I can say is that we are better than anyone expects us to be. If we can minimize our errors, we can make it to playoffs.

You were one of the best Main Tank players last season. Aside from your tank play, what else are you bringing to the Dynasty this season?

Right now, instead of focusing on individual practice, I am focusing on team unity and shot-calling skills. Once I can perform these two very well, then I can move forward with individual training.

photo by Robert Paul


A video came out from the Overwatch League recently in which your teammates said that you like to lead the team. In what ways has your leadership affected the team so far?

I can think of two things in terms of leading the team. The first would be the team atmosphere -- I want to make our team's atmosphere to be more serious. The second would be our delicate team movement -- I'm focusing on my shot-calling to have a more delicate team movement.

How confident are you in the Dynasty doing better than last year?

I don't compare last season to this season. I don't think it's possible to compare.

How were you integrated into the team’s atmosphere?

I can see why the Dynasty is a better practice environment for me. Most of all, the language barrier is gone. The Gladiators was a really good team, they provided me with a lot of good things. However, there was this language barrier. Since the language barrier is gone with the Dynasty, it helped me become integrated with the team.

What is your mission this season?

My mission is to have no regrets when the season is over.

Do you have a message for the rest of the teams this season?

I really admire the new teams coming into the league. What I want to say is there will always be a moment when you feel down and you can only survive if you overcome that.

Thank you for joining me tonight. Is there anything you want to say to the fans out there?

To the fans who support me all the way through, I really want to thank you. To the haters out there, get over it and live your life.

photo by Robert Paul

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