Apex Legends Weapon Guide: The Best Picks for Each Weapon Type.

Weapon choice in most FPS games is highly based on a player's preference, and the same goes for Apex Legends. However, for those who are just starting, it could be a challenge to find those "preferred" weapons.

This guide will help you start on your epic journey in Kings Canyon. The following is a list of weapons that are currently considered the best in their respective weapon types. Weapons from supply drops (Kraber, Mastiff) were excluded from this list. 

Pistol: WingmanPowerful Handcannon

DPS: 153
Rate of Fire: 205 RPM
Damage to Body/Head: 45/90
Reload Speed: 2.1s
Difficulty: ★★★★★

Strength - High damage, low ammo consumption, accurate, great at all ranges
Weakness - Low fire rate, inconsistent if you can't land your shots

To start things off, the best pistol is by far the Wingman. Unlike its other two pistol brethren, the Wingman is a slow-firing revolver that is effective during any stage of a game. 

The Wingman is a pistol that utilizes Heavy Rounds for its ammunition, and it is a weapon that is considered 'overpowered' by the community when in the right hands. It is a semi-automatic, hard-hitting revolver that can lay down tons of damage at any range. 

Although the weapon comes with a very low rate of fire, and a DPS lower than most weapons on this list, it's one of the strongest weapons in terms of single-shot damage; it can turn the odds of a battle in your favor with a couple of well-placed shots. Simply put, if you can land your shots, the Wingman is a beast of a weapon - it's even capable of downing enemy Legends in 3 headshots! 

Another strength of the Wingman is that you don't need to carry too much ammunition for it, even if you're using it as a primary, due to its slow-firing nature. 

On the Wingman, you can attach sight, Magazine, and the Skullpiercer weapon attachments. 

Assault Rifle: R-301 CarbineA solid weapon

DPS: 189
Rate of Fire: 720 RPM
Damage to Body/Head: 14/28
Reload Speed Loaded/Empty: 2.4s/3.2s
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Strength - Fast rate of fire, great DPS, low recoil
Weakness - Low magazine capacity

The R-301 Carbine is a favorite weapon of many Apex players. The R-301 is a fully automatic, fast-firing assault rifle that is centered around medium range conflict. 

Its ammunition, which is Light Rounds, come in abundance throughout King's Canyon, and the weapon itself comes with solid stats all around. The one big advantage the R-301 has over the other assault rifles is that it comes with relatively low recoil; which can be lowered even more with a stock and barrel stabilizer. 

The R-301 Carbine has one of the fastest fire rates in the game, but like most guns in Apex Legends, suffers from a very small magazine size. The gun's base magazine capacity is 18, and the entire mag can be shot out in less than 2 seconds - so make sure to be on the lookout for the Extended Light Mag attachment when rocking this weapon! 

Due to the R-301's high fire rate and moderately high DPS, the gun is a competitive choice for fights that happen in short-to-medium distances. 

On the R-301 Carbine, you can attach sights, barrel stabilizers, extended mags, and standard stocks. 

Sniper Rifle: G7 ScoutThe most reliable sniper

DPS: 136
Rate of Fire: 273 RPM
Damage to Body/Head: 30/60
Reload Speed Loaded/Empty: 2.4s/3.0s
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Strength - Fast rate of fire, great at all ranges
Weakness - Low damage per shot.

The G7 Scout is a fast-firing, semi-automatic sniper rifle that uses Light Rounds as ammunition, and it is one of the three sniper rifles in the game. 

Apex Legends' Kings Canyon is a relatively small map that is riddled with buildings and obstacles. This means that most fights occur at short-to-medium distances, making snipers less useful than, say, a shotgun or an assault rifle. However, if you are a less aggressive player that prefers medium-to-long distance combat over close quarters combat, the G7 Scout is a fine choice.

Although the Longbow sniper does deal a lot more damage per shot, the Scout has a much higher fire rate. In turn, it's much more forgiving if you miss your shots. In addition, the high fire rate allows Scout to somewhat compete against the other weapon types from short to medium ranges, which the Longbow and Triple Take heavily struggle doing. 

The Scout's recoil is easy to handle and its base magazine size is 10. On the G7 Scout, you can attach sights, barrel stabilizers, extended mags, and sniper stocks. 

SMG: R-99Insane DPS

DPS: 216
Rate of Fire: 1080 RPM
Damage to Body/Head: 12/18 
Reload Speed Loaded/Empty: 2.5s/3.5s
Difficulty: ★★★★★

Strength - High fire rate and DPS
Weakness - High recoil, weak single-shot damage, low magazine capacity

The R-99 is a fast-firing, fully automatic SMG that uses Light Rounds for its ammunition.

Coming in at a blistering fire rate of 1080 RPM, the R-99 has the fastest fire rate out of every gun in the game. The R-99 has a very high DPS as a result and it can shred enemy Legends in short-to-medium distance combat. 

But as good as that sounds, the R-99 does come with its weaknesses. To start, the R-99 has a very low base magazine capacity of 18. The gun will unload its entire magazine in just 1 second! So when using this weapon, always be on the lookout for Extended Light Mag weapon attachments. Secondly, the weapon comes with a bit of recoil; the R-99 is shooting out 1080 rounds per minute, after all, so be mindful of that. 

The R-99 is a bullet hose that will empty your magazine in the blink of an eye. With the recoil and with how fast it fires, the gun does require a certain level of skill to use effectively. But once mastered, you can completely destroy any Legend standing in your way with this SMG. 

On the R-99, you can attach sights, barrel stabilizers, stocks, and the extended light mag. 

Shotgun: PeacekeeperIt's too good

DPS: 106
Rate of Fire: 58 RPM
Damage to Body/Head: 110/165 (10/15 damage per pellet)
Reload Speed Loaded/Empty: 2.5s/3.5s
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Strength - High damage, accurate, great at all ranges
Weakness - Slow fire rate

The Peacekeeper is one of the most-used weapons in the game, and for good reason, too. 

The Peacekeeper is a lever-action shotgun that does a devastating amount of single-shot damage from short to long ranges. You heard that right. What's unique about the Peacekeeper is that it's a shotgun that can deal a significant amount of damage at very long distances. The Peacekeeper can also be equipped with the Precision Choke weapon mod, which amplifies its effectiveness at range. 

Coming in with a magazine capacity of 6, the Peacekeeper shoots out 11 pellets per shot in a set pattern. The pellet spread is tight and it can down enemy Legends in one well-placed headshot. It's the perfect weapon for a fast-paced game where most fights occur at short-to-medium distances.

The Peacekeeper is far superior to the other two shotguns, as the Peacekeeper is more reliable in terms of consistent damage. Mozambique and the EVA do pack a faster fire rate, but their damage doesn't come close to what the Peacekeeper can dish out. 

Many people deem this weapon 'overpowered' due to its versatility and raw power. However, the weapon does come with a bit of a skill requirement. Similar to the Wingman, the Peacekeeper is a slow-firing weapon. You have to land your shots!

On the Peacekeeper, you can attach sights, shotgun bolts, and the Precision Choke weapon attachments.

LMG: M600 SpitfireA reliable gun - the jack of all trades

DPS: 180
Rate of Fire: 512 RPM
Damage to Body/Head: 20/40
Reload Speed Loaded/Empty: 2.8s/3.3s
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Strength - High damage, fast fire rate, huge magazine capacity, low recoil
Weakness - Slow reload speed

The Spitfire is a similar weapon to the R-301 Carbine in that it's a versatile, fully automatic weapon. It's a great weapon for all ranges, and the weapon's greatest strength is its huge base magazine size and low recoil. It's a simple gun, but it's one of the most effective ones in the game.

The M600 Spitfire is an LMG that utilizes Heavy Rounds for its ammunition. The gun not only deals high damage per shot, but it also comes with a high fire rate. What truly differentiates this LMG from the Devotion, however, is that the Spitfire has a much lower recoil, no charge up time, and its ammunition is a lot easier to come by. 

Unlike most weapons in Apex Legends that are plagued with low magazine capacity, the Spitfire comes with a monstrous base magazine capacity of 35; which is often more than enough to down an enemy Legend. With just a few attachments, the Spitfire becomes a reliable laser gun, making it the perfect 'spray-and-pray' weapon.

The Spitfire has great stats, it's easy to handle, and it has a large magazine capacity. The gun basically has everything that you'd want from one! Be mindful, however, as the gun has a slow reload speed as a tradeoff for its large magazine capacity.

On the M600 Spitfire, you can attach sights, barrel stabilizers, extended mags, and standard stocks. 

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