Apex Legends has a hitbox problem and it's making some characters useless.

Today, as millions of gamers decided where to drop, YouTuber "basicallyidowrk" decided to tweet the following images that lit up a Frag Grenades worth of Apex Legends balance discussion on Twitter today.


The Tweet features a screen grab from a Apex Legends subReddit, when the user tractal asked the immortal question: "Just how big IS Gibraltar's Hitbox?"

The issue with hitboxes is an important one to Apex Legends players. Many of the game's legends (they are called legends, not characters) are plagued with large hitboxes that, to many professionals, make them unplayable. As Battle Royales are finely balanced around not only hit shots but dodging them as well, any character with a larger hitbox is extremely hindered in ways that unique abilities rarely make up for.

So, when YouTuber SookieSpy's video titled "BEST HITBOX IN THE GAME? - Apex Legends Character Hitbox Review" become a topic of discussion, the evidence presented was a clear affirmation of a sad truth most players already know by now -- the large characters in Apex Legends are horribly underpowered due to their size.

▲ Image from SookieSpy's YouTube video.

The video goes to detailed lengths to show the vast differences between the different legends hitbox. It begs the obvious questions as to whether the large characters who, on average, will be shot more times in any given match, have any redeeming factors that make encourage choosing them over the smaller Legends like Wraith or Lifeline.

▲ Another image featured in SookieSpy's video that plainly shows the difference in hitboxes.


Like any online game, these big balance differences are just a patch away from being fixed. Although the different personalities and abilities present in Apex Legends have proven attractive to casual and competitive players alike, it is hard to imagine the game benefiting from such underpowered characters.

Battle Royales are cutthroat and the most important factor in any match will always be aim and movement. Bigger Legends appear to handicap players too much in this regard and Respawn would do well to explore whether or not this discrepancy in power level is purposeful or not.

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    level 1 Dark_Lord_Javi


    Disagree . 1st I main Gibs and win with no issues. He is a bigger target but the shield compensated and so does the dome, giving you more control. 2nd. I actually like the different hit boxes, makes it more realistic, a bigger guy would be a bigger target and would have to be creative to “even the field”. Hence the shields for Gibs and traps/smoke for Caus. I could go on in this topic but will start there^👀

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      level 29 Nick


      I have no doubt that you can win with Gibs -- the nature of the game is one that pure BR skill always trumps any of the character differences.

      But don't you think, while the different hitboxes add realism, it provides smaller characters with "arguably" more competitive abilities too much of an advantage?

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