GEN Roach: "This won't be my last time playing as a mid laner... ultimately, I might end up switching positions."

On the 23rd, at the Seoul LoL Park, the 24th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. On the second series of the day, Gen.G Esports defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a dominating score of 2-0. This was a valuable victory, as GEN put an end to their 4-game losing streak with it. During the series, GEN's sub top laner, Roach, played in place of Fly in the mid lane, and he held his own against JAG's mid laner. 

The following is an interview with GEN Roach.

You've finally put an end to your losing streak. How do you feel?

I didn't expect anything like that [losing streak] to happen. I was troubled because I worried it was my fault. I didn't exactly make great results on my previous team... I looked into myself to find a problem. In the end, the solution was to simply practice hard together.

You played as GEN's mid laner today. Why?

Nowadays, both mid lane and top lane play the same champions. Currently, I believe any team can start any player in any lane. This won't be my last time playing as a mid laner - I don't actually know the details of what'll happen moving forward. But ultimately, I might end up switching positions. 

For how long were you and your team considering this option?

We began talking about the lane swap during our losing streak. We weren't making any results, so we thought of every possible option to bring change.

What were Fly's thoughts regarding this switch?

He's a great person and a hyung. He said that he needs to get back to form. The talk regarding the switch was done without trouble. 

Why do you think GEN struggled so much during the split?

We practice long and hard, and we didn't have any inside conflict either. Our scrim results are also pretty good. It's hard to explain. I think on stage, we struggled to defend against enemy attacks. Sometimes, it felt like we lost even before the match was decided. Excluding me, my teammates had never lost this many times in one round of a split. All of us were struggling, mentally. 

How did it feel playing as the team's mid laner?

I believe today's match and its outcome was important for my career. We were able to win 2-0. I'm glad.

You guys banned the most basic mid laner champions, such as Zoe. I'm curious as to why.

Back when I played as a mid laner, I was used to playing those champions. In my current state, however, that's not the case. 

To prepare for matches as both a potential top and mid laner, you must be practicing twice as hard.

I've been playing as a top laner professionally for a while now, so I'm confident in playing it whenever necessary. I'm well-adapted to the current meta. But since I could be employed in both the mid and top lane, I'll need to extend my practice hours.

Your next match is against SKT T1. If you play as GEN's mid laner, you'll face Faker. 

If we play to what we practiced, they're an opponent that we can beat. Although the thought of playing against Faker is pressuring, it'll be an honor to play against him. It'll be fun. Playing against SKT is a happy opportunity. 

Any last words?

I want to thank all the fans who cheer for us. I want to give extra thanks to the fans who stuck by us through our losing streak. It's also Fly's birthday soon, and today's Peanut's 4th year anniversary as a professional player. Congratulations!

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