GEN Peanut: "Our communication used to be really awkward... no one made definite calls. We decided that I'll be making the main calls"

On the 23rd, at the Seoul LoL Park, the 24th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. On the second series of the day, Gen.G Esports defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a dominating score of 2-0. This was a valuable victory, as GEN put an end to their 4-game losing streak with it. Throughout the series, Peanut played aggressively to consistently pressure both his enemy laners and jungler. 

The following is an interview with GEN Peanut.

How do you feel about today's victory?

I don't think we had won a single series 2-0 up until today. I'm happy that we were able to take a clean victory today.

What do you think was the source of GEN's victory today?

In game 1, I was lucky and got a big lead in the jungle. As for game 2, we had a better team composition. Throughout the match, we focused on our macro gameplay so that we don't waste the lead. 

Jin Air Green Wings played Ahri in game 2. As a jungler, isn't playing against her a bit frustrating?

If I was in a situation where I have to establish a lead for my mid laner, Ahri is a frustrating champion indeed. However, if that's not the case, and you ignore the mid lane as a whole, she's an easy champion to play against.

Gen.G Esports has been underperforming throughout this split. What do you think is causing it?

Some people point at "this" as the reason while some point at another. But simply put, we're just underperforming. There's no excuse. We're just playing poorly, that's it. We're doing our best to improve as fast as we can. 

Have you adapted well into the Gen.G team culture? Have you gotten a lot closer with the GEN players?

Yes. I've been doing well with them.

How does GEN compare to the other teams that you've been a part of in the past?

Everyone is unique as an individual, but as a team... every team feels just about the same. Everyone is fun to be around.

Did Patch 9.3 affect Gen.G positively?

Absolutely. The Akali nerf did us a big favor. She was a champion that we struggled to play against and play ourselves. 

You're known for your aggressive playstyle as a jungler. Can we expect more diverse picks in the jungle?

I wish I can confidently answer that question. However, our team is currently struggling, so my number one priority is to win. The only thing on my mind nowadays is "what can I do to help my team win?" 

Who makes the shot calls in the newly built GEN roster?

Our communication used to be really awkward... how do I put it, no one made definite calls. So at one point, we decided that I'll be making the main calls. 

It's not been too long since your birthday. What did you do to celebrate?

We lost our games on my birthday... so I went home and laid down on my bed and slept... (Laughs) But a lot of my fans sent me gifts and letters, so I didn't feel too terrible.

I was originally planning to go home the next day for the holidays, so I was at the teamhouse. But the sad thing is that, before falling asleep, at 11 PM, I remembered that I didn't blow out any candles on a cake. So I got out of bed, grabbed a cake that a fan had sent me, inserted the candles, lit them, and blew them all out while recording it - all by myself. (Laughs) It was so lonely.

Today, a fan from China visited the arena today and gave out bundles of food to everyone here. How did you feel?

Of course it felt great, but at the same time, I felt really sorry that I have been underperforming. 

Today, Roach played in the mid lane in place of Fly. What made your team to make this decision?

I don't know the details of it, but our coaching staff told us to give it a try. 

Lastly, you were able to start Round 2 of 2019 LCK Spring with a victory. What is your resolution on the remaining of the tournament?

My teammates and I are trying to be as positive as we can. Round 1 was a struggle, but our team went into Round 2 with a brand new mindset. To "start over from the beginning." It put our minds to ease, and I think we can steadily get back to form with this mindset. 

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