KZ Cuzz & Rascal: "This split was my very first time playing an entire Round by myself as a starter. I learned a lot through my mistakes"

On the 23rd, at the Seoul LoL Park, the 24th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. On the first series of the day, Kingzone DragonX defeated SANDBOX Gaming with a dominating score of 2-0. Throughout the series, Rascal and Cuzz played as safely as possible and aided in their bot lane's carry. 

The following is an interview with Rascal and Cuzz.

You won your first Round 2 victory! How do you feel?

Cuzz: In Round 1, we played against SANDBOX while I wasn't at my best. It was very regretful. This time, I thoroughly prepared for them, and we were able to beat them. It felt really good.

Rascal: We're now 1-1 against SANDBOX. It's a really satisfying, however, that we were the ones to take the victory in Round 2. 

SANDBOX's top lane, jungle, and mid lane are rated as one of the best in the league. How did you prepare for today's match?

Cuzz: When watching our previously lost matches, you can tell that a big reason why we lost was due to my poor performance. I wasn't good at taking care of myself. To do well this match, I focused on maintaining my physical and mental health. 

Rascal: We knew that SANDBOX's core strength comes from their top laner and jungler. We also realized that Joker was picking champions that can aid them. Therefore, I played as safely as I can.

How different is Round 2 SANDBOX to Round 1 SANDBOX?

Cuzz: I think we were able to win today due to our improved teamwork. I don't think SANDBOX has been underperforming. 

Your next match is very important. You'll play against Hanwha Life Esports.

Rascal: In our previous match against them, we struggled because I was caught out. I think we can beat them as long as I don't underperform. 

Cuzz: I had also underperformed in our previous match. However, this time, I feel confident that I can out-jungle HLE.

Do you think you've gathered a lot of playing experience through Round 1?

Rascal: This split was my very first time playing an entire Round by myself as a starter. I learned a lot through my mistakes.

Cuzz: I wasn't able to play a lot of games last split. I think I was able to further sharpen my gaming senses this split. During the last split, I simply followed the other players' orders. This year, however, I've often taken the lead. 

Any last words?

Rascal: I believe it was all my fault that our team had lost two games recently. I learned a lot through them. I think I'll perform better moving forward. I want to thank all the fans that have been cheering for me. Thank you.

Cuzz: I'm always thankful for all the fans that cheer for us. We'll do our best to become a top LCK team. 

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