GRF Chovy on KT Bdd: "Other than Bdd, there weren’t any other players I found difficult to play against. Bdd always plays aggressively."


On February 22nd, the 3rd day of the 5th week for the LCK 2019 Spring Season took place at the LoL Park, South Korea. Griffin defeated KT Rolster 2-0; both game 1 and 2 were fast-paced as Griffin greatly overwhelmed KT. We had the chance to interview their mid laner, Chovy, who played a big part in helping his team dominate the Rift in both games.

Following is the interview with Chovy, the mid laner for Griffin.



You had a perfect victory today. How do you feel?

Although we did win today, I wasn’t satisfied because I wasn’t feeling well and made some mistakes.

Many League fans say Griffin is so powerful that there is no other team that can win against Griffin. What do you think?

Actually, there are many ways for us to lose. Our determination to win, our goal, and everything we have done to practice are keeping us from losing. There is a chance we could lose if other teams keep working on their team coordination. We try not to let our guard down. We could lose if we are not in good shape, just like any other teams could. It’s very nice to hear things like that but we try to keep ourselves from putting our guard down or becoming arrogant.

Your team has been winning the whole time in round 1, although there must be something you feel sorry about. If there is, what is it?

Personally, I felt sorry about how I missed so many CS when I wasn’t performing well. Sometimes, my teammates make mistakes in other lanes but they are good at giving each other feedback and fixing them so there isn’t anything I feel sorry about my team.

Which team did you find it most difficult to play against?

Rather than a team, there was a player I found most difficult to play against -- Bdd. It was hard to play against Bdd in the top lane. Other than Bdd, there weren’t any other players I found difficult to play against. Bdd always plays aggressively.

If you could personally select a player from your team as MVP, who would you choose?

I can’t really decide since I want to give everyone MVP. MVP is given to a player who had the biggest impact in the game. I think we were able to win because everyone did well, so it doesn’t feel strange even if everyone gets MVP.

Your team has been performing very well so far; do you get a lot of feedback? If you do, what was is mostly about?

There wasn't usually time for feedback after the match, but we got a lot of feedback during scrims -- mostly about laning and macros.

Is there anything you’d like to say or any message you’d like to leave for somebody?

Not really.

(Since you’ve given so many winner interviews, you don’t really have anything left to say more, do you?)

Yes. (Laughs)

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