DWG Coach Micro on SKT T1: "SKT is a powerful team... I do think that it’s worth a shot if our team performs as well as they did today."


DAMWON Gaming defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 on February 22nd, the 3rd day of week 5 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season. In game 1, DWG was able to snowball with their first kills and first turret gold while HLE made a critical mistake of not taking the Eye of the Herald after they killed the Rift Herald. In game 2, DWG had overall dominance throughout the game, which HLE found it difficult to turn the tide. In the end, DAMWON Gaming destroyed enemy Nexus, winning 2-0.

Following is the interview with Micro, the Head Coach for DAMWON Gaming, and Punch, their jungler.



How do you feel about your victory?

Micro: Today’s match was very important to us. I felt happy that our players did well in today’s match. Today’s victory feels more valuable since it was our last game before round 2 started. We will make sure we show even better performance in round 2.

Punch: It feels really great that we won easily against HLE, the team that has been showing good win rate lately.

Punch, how do you feel about getting selected as MVP today? Do you feel happy?

Well, I knew I would get it so I don’t really feel anything.

Today’s victory makes it 5 wins and 4 losses for DWG in round 1. Do you think you achieved the goal you wanted, or, do you feel sorry about your result?

There were many games we felt sorry about so we felt the same for the results. However, I don’t think it’s to a point where we aren’t satisfied with our results at all -- I think we got what we deserved. If we play better, we will be able to climb. I am not dissatisfied with our results or rankings in the standing; what is important is that we are getting better each time.

Punch: Personally, it was the first team I got promoted in so I just thought about not getting relegated. There are some parts I do feel sorry about our results but I also think we are doing okay.

Looking back, was there any game you regretted the most?

I do feel sorry about all the games we lost until now but I was most regretful about how the tide turned around and we lost to Kingzone DragonX. It was a game we should have won since it wasn’t a situation where we would have lost. But we lost and I think that lowered our team spirit.

Punch, it almost felt like you were a sub in early round 1 until you got to play in the last 3 games. How do you feel?

 It felt great, although I was regretful that it might have been better if I played in the games we lost before and got to win. I mean, I didn’t get to play because I wasn’t good so I wish I had done better back then.

You said you knew you would be getting the MVP today. How well do you think you played?

I didn’t play that well but our enemies made many mistakes so it must have seemed like I played better in comparison.

The reason the team gives a player the first pick tends to be because they expect much from that player’s performance. Did you ask to be given the first pick or did the coaches decide that?

We had several candidates for the first pick but there were some picks that weren’t great to be picked first. Also, I felt confident and wanted to take the burden off my teammates so I got to pick first.

Micro, you’ve been having Punch and BeryL playing in the games lately. Why?

There was an ideal team I had in my mind when I first made this team. Normally, people think there should be the starting lineups and sub players in the roster but personally, I don’t think we need any sub players. We wanted to only have players that can play at any time the coaches ask them to instead of having sub players in case someone in the starting lineup gets sick. People outside of our team may think that these players got to play because they were good but that isn’t so. I think we get the results we got because everyone in our roster participated when during the practice.

Flame joined us, about which I heard some fans worrying that he might not be able to perform as good as he used to. However, I think there are roles within our team that he can to play in our team. No matter which player gets to play, I believe that everyone on our team will do great.

Do you usually make players play in the match based on their scrim results?

The meta has been changing quite often lately. Player whose plays fit the meta gets to play while the rest of the team do scrims and try to find what we need to improve and work on it while preparing for the next meta. The players that get to take a rest gets to adapt to the next meta more quickly and have more time to prepare, which I think we can take advantage of.

What was the reason you recruited Flame?

Everyone joins the preparation even though they are not playing in the match. In the case of Nuguri, his weakness was exposed -- many opponent teams focused on the top lane to prevent him from scaling. I think Flame will help greatly in making up for the weaknesses each other has with his experiences.

Actually, I turned down when Flame offered to join the team. There was the burden about the cost as well as other several reasons. However, his will to join the team was very great, which I took highly of. I think that his passion will play an important role in our team and pay back with good results. I was a bit touched by how he wanted to join our team as well.

What is your goal for round 2?

I don’t have any goals like getting placed where. All I focus on is our team’s performance. I believe that we will get good rankings if we can perform well.

Your first match in round 2 will be against SKT T1. How are you preparing for it?

We only have a day to prepare. Besides, SKT is a powerful team. I don’t think we will be that sorry even if we do lose, although I do think that it’s worth a shot if our team performs as well as they did today. Our players showing good performance is more important than getting one more win.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?

We will be playing against SKT in our next game, which we will prepare thoroughly.

Micro: We will continue doing well and display good performance in round 2 as well.

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