KZ PawN: "Kingzone’s previous mid laner (Bdd) was a very good player; I’ll do my best so nobody misses him."

On the 21st (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 22, Kingzone DragonX and Jin Air Green Wings played their last game of Round 1. In the match, Kingzone shut out Jin Air 2-0. Heo “PawN” Won-seok delivered good performance picking Cassiopeia and Yasuo, contributing to the team’s victory. In an interview following the match, PawN assured that he will be delivering better performance so that fans won’t miss Bdd.

The following is an interview with PawN and Kingzone head coach, Kang Dong-hoon.


How do you feel winning the last match of Round 1?

Kang: Winning is always pleasant. If we win, the team atmosphere gets a lot better so it’s always good because the players can get more energized.

PawN: There were many regrets during our last match. I’m happy that we’ve been able to stop our losing streak.

How was the feedback during the losing streak?

Kang: What I tell the players ever since our team was formed is that day by day, we will be improving and stepping forward. Winning is important, but I wanted to have them think that becoming a team that improves every day is important as well. During our losing streak, there were some mistakes we made in preparation and there were also some steps back in the improvements that players made. The main goal was to return to our initial mindset. I may have been a bit harsh to the players; I feel sorry for that. I’m thankful that the players are doing well.

PawN: When we were in the losing streak, we lost but played well against SKT, but I thought we lost against Hanwha Life Esports because our preparation was in the wrong direction. If we’re on track, we learn a lot even if we lose. I think we’ll be able to improve more from now on.

It’s been a while since you’ve played a whole Round. What are the things that you’re satisfied and dissatisfied about yourself?

: What’s satisfying is that even if I had nearly a whole year break, my form is returning little by little. I think I can do better. When I was taken out of the game after losing a set, that was a bit regretful. I got a bit upset. (Laughs nervously looking at Kang) I kept thinking about how I would have played if I were playing in Naehyun’s spot; some image training.

Summing up Round 1, what are your thoughts?

: It’s been only 1 round up to now; I brought this team together looking at the whole year. Not only the players, I think the coaching staff, including me, needs to improve as well. It’s important to have the team do well together and to improve step by step. In that point of view, we may not be consistent, but we’re improving in many different aspects, so I’m satisfied with that. We’ll be able to show more diverse and interesting performances from now on.

The match that you utilized Frostmancy to the fullest was a hot issue.

Kang: We prepared a lot for Game 1; there went through a lot of trial and error before we were able to establish that macro. The outcome was good. But I think we all got too excited after winning Game 1. We weren’t able to show what we have. The opponent’s counter strategy was something that we hadn’t experienced while we were preparing, so I think that game gave us a lot to learn. Personally, I think Faker did several super plays in that match.

What are your expectations for Round 2?

Kang: First, I wish PawN gets MVP and I wish he doesn’t get too upset when he’s taken out of the game. (Laughs) All the LCK teams are really good, so I don’t know how it’ll change. The lower ranked teams could beat all the high tier teams. We’ll be delivering improved performance; I really want to win against the teams we lost to in Round 1.

PawN: I was joking when I said that I was upset. (Laughs)

You played AD Akali and showed innovative champion uses.

PawN: I try those experimental picks with a secret account. When I used those strategies in scrims, the results weren’t bad. In my opinion, the Viktor I played last time struggled because the opponent knew well about the pick and was well prepared. As for the other strategies; I think what I found is better than the original style. If other players suffer from playing against my rune selection, they’ll probably do as I do.

What is your goal for Round 2?

: Personally, the match against Sandbox Gaming was really regretful. I think we’ve become a lot better team than then. We’ll be doing well in Round 2.

PawN: Sandbox Gaming said something that disrespected our team. I believe they said something like ‘Kingzone is not a strong team’. What the winning team says is usually right, so I want to have revenge and say ‘Sandbox is not a strong team’.

Any last comments?

: The coaching staff is doing our best; we rarely sleep enough. It’s difficult for both players and coaches, and I want to thank them and say that they’re all doing well. I hope the players don’t lose their confidence and faith in each other. Thank you to the team office, and thank you to all the fans that always support us. I’ll do my best to pay back by doing well.

PawN: There are people who always help us a lot. I’m a bit sensitive about the settings; I’m thankful to those who always help that out. I’ll try to become more consistent and become a mid laner that can carry. Kingzone’s previous mid laner was a very good player; I’ll do my best so nobody misses him.

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