SKT T1 kkOma and Mata: "We are still not 100%. On the other hand, because of this, it just means our players have that much more room to grow."

On the 20th at LoL Park week 5 day 1 of the LCK, SKT T1 won against kt Rolster 2-0.

A lot of back and forth was displayed in both games today. At long last, Faker did Faker things and received the MVP title that he so very wanted. Concluding the first round, SKT T1 is placed 3rd in the LCK ladder. SKT Faker and Clid both commented on working even harder for the upcoming second round.

After the series, kkOma and Mata was interviewed in the press room. Below are their responses.

¤ How do you feel about the win?

kkOma: I came in today with the mindset of wanting to 2-0 kt Rolster. The funny thing about human ambition is that there really is no end. Even if we 2-0’ed kt, I am still not completely satisfied because it was not as clean as we wanted it to be.

Mata: Although it was a set of very difficult games, I’m happy that we won 2-0. After today, I believe we need to receive more feedback on our plays.

¤ kt Rolster showed quite a good performance today. How did you prepare against kt?

Mata: Since Zenit plays a lot of non-marksman champions, we wanted to not give him many champions that he felt comfortable on while we had our picks as well. We prepared by following our coach's feedback and calls.

kkOma: I saw a couple of mistakes come out of us in the first game. I gave them feedback relating to game one and told them we can win the next game as well.

¤ SKT finished the first round with 7 wins and 2 losses. What are your thoughts?

kkOma:  The first round is over and the second round is about to begin. In order to defeat the teams we have lost to, I promise we will work harder and fix our mistakes. I just want to thank the players and coaching staff for doing their best throughout the first round.

Mata: Personally, it was a very disappointing first round for me. In the second round, I want to fix my mistakes and beat the two teams that we lost to. It is very unfortunate that I make more mistakes on stage than I do in practice. I want to fix this.

¤ What is the level of synergy within SKT T1 as of right now?

kkOma: We are definitely better than when we first started together as a team. However, we are still not 100%. On the other hand, because of this, it just means our players have that much more room to grow.

¤ Clid has been performing on top of his game. What are your thoughts on Clid?

Whenever we recruit a player, it feels like we have gotten 'THE' player. Although Clid does make these amazing plays every game, the other players are making the same caliber plays. It is just not as flashy or eye catching as Clid's. Clid is only able to produce those plays because the team trusts in one another.

Mata: Clid has an eye for his game and plays well. He takes feedback extremely well, and I think he is a very talented player. Clid does so well on his own that he makes the game feel comfortable for other players.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you guys want to say?

Mata: Because we lost our first couple of games, our team experienced a rough start. Ending the first round as 3rd place, we realize that the best way to place 1st in the LCK is to win all of our games. Hence, we will try our best to win all of our future games. Also, as always, thank you everyone for support us.

I promise we will prepare better than we did in the first round and display a performance fitting for SKT in the second round. Our players and entire coaching staff are really giving it their all. I want to thank everyone for supporting the us. I hope you guys continue to support us in the future.

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    level 1 IgnitionX


    I think there's a mistake in this article, Deft is not in KT Rolster anymore. He's in Kingzone DragonX now

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      level 31 Lasso


      The article has been fixed now. Thanks!

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    level 1 Keno_Koe

    there is a typo at Mata´s part :
    ,I want to mix my mistakes and beat the two teams that we lost to.

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