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League of Legends' Spring Split 10-Ban Surprise



Today's editorial is about the 10-ban system that was suddenly announced for the 2017 Spring Split.

With over 130 champions to choose from, the announcement of the 10-ban system was a very bold and unexpected (at least for the fans) move from Riot Games. However, we feel that it was something that was necessary for the game, if not overdue.

What we are worried about though, is that not every pro player has a champion pool that is as deep as others, so it might be taxing for coaches and players. Because of this, the early matches of the Spring Split might devolve down to seeing which team is less affected by the changes rather than which is the best team.

Also, even with the 10-ban system, the tournament meta might become stale as coaches and players adjust to this new system. Riot Games will need to make other balance changes for forgotten champions if they truly wish to see a diverse meta.

Of course, one of the main attractions of League of Legends is being able to snowball out of control, so the only thing that we are expecting to see, is something unexpected to happen. One more reason to look forward to the Spring Split. :)


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