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SB Summit: "Griffin thinks that our plays are mindless aggression. I just wish they didn’t rate or look at us in that sort of manner."



On the 17th, SANDBOX Gaming defeated kt Rolster 2-1.

In game 1, SANDBOX gained the initial lead and kept it. The game came to a quick end thanks to Ghost’s Sivir, and the set seemed to go as predicted. However, kt Rolster did not want to lose without giving a good fight. Kt Rolster, although behind in the early game, bounced back with their superior team fighting in game 2. Throughout the whole game, it was SANDBOX’s game to lose. kt Rolster proved that by winning back to back team fights, securing both Baron and Elder Dragon, and ending the game.

While indecisiveness was present in game 2 from SANDBOX, this was not the case in game 3. Despite the previous game result, SANDBOX was not hesitant about making aggressive plays in the early game. Gaining a quick lead yet again, SANDBOX continued to press on kt. The game eventually went to the side of SANDBOX.

After the series, we got to interview SANDBOX’s top laner, Summit. Below are his responses.

¤ How do you feel about the win?

Beforehand, I knew that kt was going to be a tough team to win. Also, I had a severe cold for the past few days. My condition was not the best by any means. I’m thankful that my team continued to care and support me through the sickness. I recovered and back to my form.

¤ Just until last week, Sion and Urgot were the go-to picks for the top lane. In today’s game, we saw a mixture of Jayce, Aatrox, and Yorick. What changed?

Well, the champions that used to be good got nerfed and the champions that used to be bad got buffed. In regards to Sion, the nerfs did affect his performance. On top of this, he is not easy to first pick. I believe this is why we don’t see Sion anymore and other picks are beginning to shine.

¤ In today’s game, SANDBOX played well in games 1 and 3 but what happened in game 2? Why was kt able to come back?

kt Rolster undoubtedly prepared well. kt had a strict game plan going into game 2. We realized what they wanted to do in the draft but couldn’t execute against it. In game 3, we regrouped as a team and focused.

Our team is very loud and vocal when it comes to calls. I think the reason why we did seem so indecisive and not clean in game 2 was due to everyone trying to speak over one another. This is something that we are definitely working on to fix for our future games.

¤ Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Like I said before, I did have a cold which somewhat affected by performances the days before and today. Granted, me saying this now just sounds like a poor excuse. I promise to work even harder and take care of my body.

¤ SANDBOX is currently 2nd place in the LCK. How does it feel?

To be honest, we would have never dreamed of doing this well. Despite this, we made it all the way here so might as well finish first place. As long as we fix our repetitive mistakes, I believe we have a good shot at it. I really want to win the first round of the LCK.

¤ People say that the only team that can take down Griffin is SANDBOX. What are your thoughts?

It is really irregular. Griffin thinks that our plays are mindless aggression. On the other hand, I believe Griffin is a very good team. I just wish they didn’t rate or look at us in that sort of manner. That’s what we think.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

We pulled off a good start for the first round. There is only one game remaining now. We will try our best to finish strong and show you guys a game to watch. Please continue to support us.


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