SKT Faker: "I think there was a number of times I should have been picked as MVP... Next time, I’d like to get those MVPs rather than let other players take them."

On February 16th, the 4th day of Week 4 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season took place at the LoL Park, South Korea.

The first match was between SKT T1 and Gen.G. Gen.G had the upper hand with their team comp during the team fights, using their CC combos to score kills; this allowed them to snowball and win the first game.

However, SKT T1 was ready for revenge in the second and third game. In both game 2 and 3, SKT T1 was able to gain the advantage in the early phase. They managed to stay ahead of their enemy by taking objectives such as drakes. The total gold gap started to grow between the two teams, and SKT T1 was able to march on to destroy the enemy Nexus, winning 2-1.

We had the chance to talk with Faker following his team's victory.


The fans are so excited about today’s victory. Would you like to say anything to your fans?

It’s been a while since I got to be an MVP. I think I was able to perform well thanks to all the support I got.

How do you feel?

We didn’t perform as well as we thought we would in today’s match but we won and I got to be selected as the MVP, which I am satisfied with.


You picked LeBlanc today. What was the reason?

The meta changed a lot lately, which didn’t give me many options so I picked other champions. I was able to naturally pick her again due to the patch.

You got a solo kill on Zoe in the mid lane. What happened?

I knew the enemy Zoe would Flash forward and use her E. I managed to dodge that and kill her.


What was it like playing against Zoe?

Fly was rather defensive in game 1 but played confidently in game 2. That is why it was easier to find opportunities for kills when I was playing against him. I played Zoe very well in game 3 so it was great. It was easier for me to deal damage because my teammates were great at ping-ponging enemy aggro.


How well can you use Zoe’s E? Any tips?

You just got to use it well by using it across the wall.


How did your team decide to pick Sion even though he got nerfed?

Gen.G prefers a balanced team comp. We are confident of playing against such comp. We decided to go for the strategy where we have few tanks on our team.


Is there anything you’d like to say to Khan, who got selected as MVP before you?

Actually, I think there was a number of times I should have been picked as MVP and I was sorry I didn’t get picked. Next time, I’d like to get those MVPs rather than let other players take them.

Can you tell us how determined you are to win the next match?

We are close to the end of round 1, and we lost twice. That is why we feel we must defeat KT Rolster next time. Since it’s a match between two teams sponsored by telephone companies, I think our organization will like it better if we win.


Do you use SKT for your telephone?

Yes, I do.

Any final comments?

Thank you so much for coming to watch us win. We will win again next time.

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