Viper on Patch 9.3: "I don't think it brought a significant change to the bot lane meta."

On the 15th, at the Seoul LoL Park, the 18th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. The first series of the day featured Griffin and kt Rolster, in which Griffin took the victory with a dominating score of 2-0. During the Summer Split of 2018, GRF had lost every single series against KT. GRF was successful in taking their revenge. 

The following is Viper and Tarzan's press interview after their match.


You're now on your 7th consecutive victory. How do you feel?

Viper: I was worried because I recently caught a cold. Fortunately, the games went according to plan. 

Tarzan: It's been a while since we played. I'm very happy that we were able to win 2-0.

In game 1, Griffin's bot lane had a shaky start.

Viper: Maybe it's because of the Frostfang meta, but our support made a number of mistakes. (Laughs) We'll show a better performance next time. But looking at the overall outcome of today's series, it wasn't a big problem. 

Tarzan: The teamfight near Rift Herald was a big deciding factor in today's series, indeed, but I believe having killed Yorick in the top lane was the bigger contributor. Thanks to having killed Yorick, we rendered the Herald useless. 

With today's victory, you've updated your highest win streak record. 

Viper: We don't pay too much attention to those records. We just do our best every game.

Tarzan: I agree. We just think about doing our best every game. 

Many fans wanted to see the 'Tarzan vs. Score' jungle matchup.

Tarzan: I'm not necessarily disappointed that I wasn't able to play against him.

You played your first Lee Sin game today. Why did you not play him in the past?

Tarzan: Lee Sin is a good pick nowadays, but there are a lot of champions that are strong going against him, too. He's a champion that I can play at any given time. 

Viper played Darius in game 2. 

Viper: We were thinking of a counter pick to Yasuo during picks & bans. Looking at the enemy team's composition, our team agreed that I'd struggle to survive had I picked a traditional ADC in the bot lane. I didn't practice Darius much, but it was a useful pick at the situation. 

Did patch 9.3 buff the crit-based ADC champions in the bot lane?

Viper: Rather than seeing the patch as either a buff or a nerf, the patch simply changed the bot lane to how it used to be. The Stormrazor change did make the champions that utilize that item weaker than the rest, however. We'll have to wait and see how the patch plays out, but I don't think it brought a significant change to the bot lane meta.

Any last words?

Viper: Our players trust each other, and I think that's why we are consistently able to show great performance. We'll do our best to continue to do well.

Tarzan: Our goal is to not lose a single series in round 1 robin. We'll do our best to achieve that.

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