TL CoreJJ Talks About his Ambitions in a New Region: "My hope is that Team Liquid will be the team that NA could be proud of."

Team Liquid successfully improved their roster during the transfer season. The most noticeable change was CoreJJ. After joining TL, the team’s shotcalling became more robust than before. TL was able to go about the game with minimal mistakes and strong macro. With all this in mind, Team Liquid is currently on a massive winning streak.

CoreJJ expressed his liking towards NA. He explained that the team’s results are good and the atmosphere is even better. Displaying his immense respect for Doublelift, CoreJJ vowed that Team Liquid will be a team that NA is proud of.

Below are the interview responses from CoreJJ.

▲ Photo Credit : Riot Games

¤ It has already been a month since you came here. How are things?


It suits me very well. I am enjoying playing the game, and we are getting good results. Nothing could be better.

¤ In an interview, Coach Cain said that you are becoming the “Core” for the team. What are your thoughts on this?


There are times when I play well. But overall, I don’t think I am playing phenomenally right now. I am trying my best to work on my flaws.

¤ TL is on a win streak. Did you predict that you guys would come out the split so strong?


From the start, I knew we would do well thanks to our line up. Regardless, there were still moments when I felt uneasy. You can never get too confident or comfortable. Since NA is BO1, I always recognize the possibility of losing.


¤ How has it been playing with Doublelift?


So good. Doublelift is an incredibly nice person. We are currently sharing information with each other in order for both of us to improve. When I look at Doublelift, he is a fun person to be around, has fun playing League, has an immense competitive drive, and has his own unique style of play. Thanks to all this, it is so easy to play with Doublelift.


▲ Photo Credit: Riot Games

¤ Are you the type of support to match whatever your ADC prefers?


When an ADC player if forced to play a champion they don’t like, they don’t perform as well as they could. Our basis is we try to let and match to whatever Doublelift wants to play. During feedback, I give my thoughts to him so we can always be on the same page.


¤ Comparing Doublelift to Ruler, what are some of their ups and downs?


They are not that different. Both have high confidence and mechanics. Of course, there are slight differentiations in style. Other than that, I couldn’t find any differences. The role of an ADC is universal. It is just Doublelift speaks in English and Ruler speaks in Korean.


¤ Is Team Liquid a team that performs stronger on stage than in scrims?


There are a lot of players who are stronger on stage than in scrims. While we do get worried when our scrim results are sub-par, we all know what we have to do to win. Hence, we don’t necessarily worry too much about scrims.


¤ I heard there are some players who still get nervous on stage?


I get kind of nervous when I am on stage (laughs). I honestly think there are a lot of other players who play better than me on stage. When our team goes on stage, each player does what they are required to do. On stage, all of my teammates are doing their jobs and beyond.


¤ What are the differences when playing in the LCS and the LCK?


LCS plays a lot like the LCK. LEC plays very similarly to the LPL. Because of this, I’m not totally unfamiliar.. However, I believe LCS does a better job at making very “unique” picks work.


¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?


Due to our win streak, a lot of our fans have high expectations for us. I will do my best to continue our success and win an international tournament. My hope is that Team Liquid will be the team that NA could be proud of.

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