CG Piglet: "Since the results haven’t been good for me over the past few years, I began to think I was the problem."

Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin has always been a player with a strong personality. When he was active in the LCK, he was seen arguing with Gu “Imp” Seung-bin in official interviews. He also brought up issues with his teammates several times even in the NA.

The Piglet of 2019 said that he has changed a lot from the past. He said that looking back at himself through his career - being in several different teams, having bad results and conflict with his teammates - he learned to look for the problem within himself rather than looking for problems in others. Choosing patience over passion and modesty overconfidence, Piglet assured us that he’ll be delivering good performance again because Clutch Gaming is a team with potential.

The following is our interview with Piglet.


▲ Photo Credit: Riot Games

It was quite clear that the game didn’t go the way you wanted it to go. You must be disappointed.

If we didn’t make mistakes, we could have won. It’s regretful that we run into trouble in the early game when we are playing official matches. Our team really snowballs well, but it’s not appearing on stage.

Didn’t you expect better results when the 2019 Clutch Gaming roster was first formed?

Although my support, Vulcan, lacks experience, I thought I could teach him. As for Lira, I’ve always known he’s good, even before we were on the same team. I still think he’s really good. As for Huni, I thought he’s the best top laner in the LCS, so it felt like our team really had potential. Even compared to other teams, we have what [we need] to be good.

I still believe that; I have faith in my team. In scrims, we don’t make mistakes and we display our potential very well, but I’m not sure yet why we make mistakes so often in competitions. Since the same mistakes keep happening, we’re not able to improve other parts.

It seems that your personality changed a lot compared to before.

It did. I tried to change myself and even the style I play. I try to scale aiming for teamfights rather than being obsessed with laning, and I’ve become a lot more modest than before. I used to talk aggressively in the past, but now I try to concentrate on the game rather than talk.

Is there a reason for that change?

Since the results haven’t been good for me over the past few years, I began to think I was the problem. I looked back upon what I was responsible for. I try to be careful to my teammates when I talk and try to accept whatever they tell me.


▲ Photo Credit: Riot Games

Looking at the roster, I thought Lira wouldn’t yield in anything about the game, and Huni also has pride in his own plays. As for you, no words need to be said. At first, I was worried the team wouldn’t get along well.

Actually, I was worried too. But at the end of the day, everybody’s like that because they want to win. In the current meta, the jungler has to be the lead character and hero. At first, we had many different opinions, but now we give the jungler more power. I also think that’s what’s right. I changed my own style accordingly as well.

What are your goals for this year?

I really want to go to the finals this season. Since I haven’t been to MSI or Rift Rivals, I really want to win the championship. I really desire to play at a bigger stage when my performance is still good - before it starts declining any more. Seeing the players that have played with me going to those big international stages made me think that I was the one who was wrong.

Do you have anything to say to your teammates through this interview?

I believe we can do a lot better if we can play like we do in scrims. If we can do that, the games will be easy; we can win if we just do what we do well. If we continue to grind, know our mistakes and correct them, we can continue to improve.

Any last comments you’d like to say?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an interview. Although we’ve been losing a lot after a good week 1, I’m happy when I see our team improve. I’ll put in more effort so that we can get better results this year.

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