SKT Teddy: "The worst meta ever was the Ardent Censer. It’s a radical meta where the performance on other lanes doesn’t matter."

SK Telecom T1 managed to defeat Kingzone DragonX in the first match after Lunar New Year’s break. It was a close game as SKT won two straight games after their loss in Game 1. In today’s game, Teddy’s Ezreal delivered great performance in the games they won.

Below is our interview with Teddy.


It was a tough match. How do you feel?

Although the atmosphere wasn’t very good after losing the first game, we were able to find ourselves and dealt well with the remaining games so I feel really good.

Your Ezreal was really good today. How would you rate your performance?

In my opinion, it was just not bad. I would say about 6.5 out of 10?

What in the world needs to be done to get 10? (Laughs)

I would need to play as I do in solo queue. (Laughs) Always leaping forward with Arcane Shift. Since it’s a serious competition, I can’t play as aggressive. If I were to rate myself a 10 on Ezreal, I would need to play very aggressively using forward Arcane Shifts with Karma behind buffing me and Tahm Kench ready to protect me… Like Deft did in Game 1.

Some League fans are calling Ezreal a game-breaking champion that’s the root of all evil in the Rift. What’s your thought on that?

The performance on Ezreal depends heavily on the player’s skillshots, positioning, and skill level. The champion itself is good… if you’re good.

The Spellthief meta was a big deal today. Weren’t you frustrated by Kingzone’s macro?

There wasn’t much feedback on the Spellthief after Game 1. The feedback was mainly about the Karma-Ezreal-Tahm Kench lineup which was annoying.

Some people say that the Spellthief meta is abnormal or think that it’s the worst no-fun meta since Ardent Censer. As a pro player, what do you think?

I don’t think it’s as bad as the Ardent Censer meta. It’s pretty fun and it could be quite effective in certain situations. I think the worst meta ever was the Ardent Censer. It’s a radical meta where the performance on other lanes doesn’t matter and everything starts and ends at the bottom lane.

There are split opinions on the patch that the marksmen were buffed or nerfed. How does Teddy think the patch will affect marksmen?

I think it’s a nerf except for Essence Reaver. We now need to buy four items on the crit item build so we only can buy one item that’s related to survival. Except for Sivir getting a bit better, it’s a nerf to all other marksmen.

Now you’re placed at 3rd. How do you think you’ll do in the remaining games?

I would like to go up higher and I’ll prepare well so that we can win all the remaining matches.

Do you think you’ll get a lot of chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

Since there’s no fan meeting today, I don’t think I’ll be getting any. (Laughs)

Lastly, a word to Mata who is celebrating his 6th year anniversary?

Congratulations on your 6th year anniversary. Although he got quite old, he’s a good player and a nice guy. I hope I can win the championship with him.


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