Official Apology from KT Rolster and UmTi Regarding Controversial Phrase Used during His Stream


KT Rolster, along with UmTi, made an official apology for the recent controversy he was involved in.

On February 11th, along with a picture of UmTi’s handwritten apology, KT Rolster posted an official apology on their Facebook. The controversy sparked when UmTi used the expression, ‘Hyung-nim, hyung-nim, ya’ during his stream, which comes from a meme that mocks the deceased former president of South Korea. Following that, UmTi was questioned about whether he was a member of ‘Ilbe’ (clicking on the link will direct you to the wiki page for Ilbe)
, a notoriously toxic Korean online community, which the meme supposedly originated from.

According to the apology, KT Rolster conducted a thorough investigation and found no evidence of UmTi being involved with the aforementioned community. They determined that UmTi did not have any negative or mocking intent when he used the expression from a controversial clip. He did not view the clip himself, but remembered his friends using the phrase in the past.

Even though the player may not have had any malicious intent, KT Rolster will be still punishing UmTi with 20 hours of voluntary service for the negative influence that the controversy had on the League fans and his own team.


The official apology KT Rolster posted on their Facebook.


 UmTi’s hand-written apology.

The following is the translation of UmTi’s handwritten apology.

"Hello, I am Seong-Hyeon ‘UmTi’ Eom. 

First, I am sincerely sorry for having to write such an apology due to a disgraceful incident.

I really didn’t know the words I repeated thoughtlessly after [hearing them from] my friends held such meaning, and I was immensely shocked when I found out what the phrase implied, which I now deeply regret saying.

I would like to apologize to everyone who must have been made uncomfortable due to this incident, and I will make sure no such disgraceful incident ever occurs again by paying more careful attention to my words and actions."


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