Interview with Deft & TusiN: "Being inconsistent means that we have the potential to be a lot better once we fix our flaws; it means it's possible for us to win even against Griffin or SANDBOX."

On the 3rd of February, at the Seoul LoL Park, the 15th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. On the first series of the day, Kingzone DragonX clashed against Gen.G Esports, in which Kingzone came out on top with a score of 2-1. Throughout the series, Deft was able to reliably DPS for his team with Sivir and Kai'Sa. As for TusiN, he caused havoc in teamfights with his Alistar. 

The following is an interview with KZ's bot lane duo, Deft and TusiN.

How do you feel about your victory today?

Deft: We aren't performing flawlessly as a team yet, but I'm still satisfied that we're able to grab wins here and there.  (Laughs)

TusiN: As Deft said, we're somehow able to get wins. Although we did have a number of clean victories, there were quite a few in which we struggled to win. It's quite regretful. 

Game 3 was very hard-fought.

Deft: When I was hooked by Thresh near the mid lane, it resulted in the enemy team taking the Baron. It really hit me hard; mentally that is. The Kai'Sa pick was very important for our team composition to work properly, so I was very disappointed in myself when I was killed there. I felt that we were going to lose because of me. 

However, when we won the teamfight during the Baron take, I became sure that we'd win.

TusiN: I constantly tried to picture in my head a good way to initiate a teamfight during the game, but it wasn't easy to actually pull it off - especially after we lost a teamfight that happened at dragon. Fortunately, Deft was able to scale really well, so I felt that we could win. 

With this victory, you're now placed relatively high in the LCK Spring leaderboard. Are you currently satisfied with the standings?

Deft: We're currently very inconsistent as a team, so it's not odd for us to be placed anywhere on the leaderboard. I think having lost against our very first opponent [of the split] was actually beneficial for us. We were able to quickly acknowledge the fact that we're lacking in skill, and we were able to improve on what we're weak at. 

TusiN: Being inconsistent means that we have the potential to be a lot better once we fix our flaws; it means it's possible for us to win even against Griffin or SANDBOX. We'll need to find stable ground in order to perform well in the future.

Many people were excited for the bot lane matchup even before the series started. 

Deft: Ruler has only played traditional ADC champions this split. Thanks to that, we had an easy time preparing for him.

TusiN: Deft is by no means a player that is weaker than Ruler. As long as we draft well, I believed that we had a good chance. In the current meta, the bot lane matchup is heavily affected by the draft.

Your next opponent is SK Telecom T1. 

Deft: Against SKT, we'll be fighting for the 3rd place spot on the leaderboard. In order to stay in 3rd place, we'll need to win against every team that plays against us. It'll be difficult for sure.

TusiN: SKT is a very strong team, and their new roster has been receiving a lot of hype ever since its inception. However, given our current momentum, I'm not too worried about playing against them. I want to rest well over the holidays, practice hard, and do well against them when we return. 

In game 1, Deft played Sivir. Was she picked for Kai'Sa specifically? Or was it to add strength to the team composition?

Deft: Kai'Sa as a champion doesn't have a strong laning phase. Against her, you can pick any late-game bot lane champion. I believe champions like Sivir - who is strong in both the laning phase and teamfights - is a good pick against Kai'Sa.

Any last words?

Deft: Eat well and receive a lot of allowance over the Lunar New Year holiday! (Laughs) Thank you for always cheering for us.

TusiN: We have a long holiday waiting for us. Having a great time! I want us to win our next game and keep our 3rd place spot in the standings.

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