Griffin Tarzan on KT Rolster: "We won’t let our guard down... This time, it will be us making them suffer."


Griffin defeated SANDBOX Gaming 2-1 on February 2nd, the 4th day of week 3 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season.

It was an easy game for Griffin in game 1 with Zac on their team. Staying ahead of SANDBOX in overall macros, Griffin managed to score a couple of kills each time a team fight broke out. Having managed to take both Rift Herald and Baron, Griffin took down enemy turrets without much difficulty, eventually destroying the Nexus as well.

It was SANDBOX, however, that got to crush Griffin in return during game 2. They began snowballing when they managed to kill off their enemy one by one in every team fights. This allowed them to easily take four drakes in a row, as well as the Baron. Griffin stood no chance against SANDBOX when they came marching toward their Nexus with the Baron buff, destroying all of their Inhibitors. Griffin tried their best to defend their Nexus until the last moment to no avail.

In the last game, Griffin managed to take advantage by scoring kills with quick backup. This eventually allowed them to crush SANDBOX during team fights in the later phase. SANDBOX did not give up and put up a fight, although it wasn’t enough to turn the tide.

Following is the post-match interview with Griffin Tarzan, the jungler for Griffin.


You are still on a winning streak. How do you feel?

We had a rough time today but it feels great to win.

The competition between two junglers was intense. Was there anything special you prepared against enemy jungler, OnFleek?

We banned Camille because we thought our laners will have easier laning if we kept our enemies from picking Camille.

You had perfect wins without losing any games until today. You must be feeling sorry about it.

Actually, we didn’t care that much about losing a game. All we thought about was winning the match. Game 2 was indeed very difficult -- there was nothing we could do about it. We didn’t have any playmaking champion so we thought it will become tough to play once we started to fall behind.

What improvements do you think you have made since last year?

I think we managed to improve more as a team now that we have more experiences.

You let your opponent team take both Lucian and Cassiopeia in game 2. Were the picks & bans in game 2 something you expected?

We did think that they could take both Lucian and Cassiopeia, and they did. Things got hard once we started the game. I think it just went wrong from there.

Do you have any plans for the Lunar New Year?

We got to take 4 days off and I plan to take a good rest without playing any games.

You’ll be playing against KT Rolster next. Do you feel confident?

We won’t let our guard down. Even though they have a different roster, they are still the team that made us suffer during the LCK Summer Playoffs. This time, it will be us making them suffer.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say?

I hope you, the fans, also get to eat loads of delicious things and take time off to get refreshed during the Lunar New Year.

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