Long-time Heroes of the Storm Creative Content Lead to leave team

▲ Kevin Michael Johnson hosting the 2018 Heroes of the Storm World Championship held at BlizzCon.


The Heroes of the Storm team ended 2018 by announcing that Activision Blizzard would no longer be supporting the competitive circuit and moving developers off the title and onto other projects within the company.


2019 is not off to a much better start.


Late Thursday night, Kevin Michael Johnson, also known as “Cloaken” within the gaming industry, announced that he will be transition off the Heroes of the Storm team and onto other projects.




Johnson for the last three-plus years has been acting as the Creative Content Lead for the franchise and worked within the title since 2013. During his tenure in the role, he has had his hand in more than 200 pieces of published and broadcasted content, according to his LinkedIn profile.


The news comes less than three months after an “announcer pack” was placed into the game in his honor with voice lines to help tell the story of battle.




Johnson is well-known within the Heroes of the Storm community for his on-camera work at competitive events, ability to connect and communicate with fans of the title and, his most notable role, as the spotlight announcer for when a new hero is added into the game.



While his new role is currently unknown, the impact Johnson has had on the title’s growth since its inception is undeniable and unquantifiable. His departure leaves only a few remaining faces associated with Heroes of the Storm that have not been moved on to other projects within the company.

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    level 1 ShockSword


    Is this an out of season April Fool's joke?
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      level 1 George


      Sadly not.

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    level 1 Colonel_J

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