KZ Deft on their rough start to the season: "Once the playoffs begin, I promise that Kingzone will show a caliber of performance which is worthy of a champion team."

On the 1st, Kingzone Dragon X defeated Damwon 2-0.

Before the games today, it was fair bet on who would take the series. In game 1, Damwon took the early game lead and kept pushing up to the mid game. It had seemed that the first game was Damwon’s game to lose. However, Damwon kept making mistakes after mistakes. With Deft showing off his mechanics on Kai’Sa, Kingzone was able to comeback and win game 1.

Game 2 was far different from game 1. Kingzone pushed the initiative and quickly closed out the series. After the game, we interviewed Deft. Let’s see how Deft feels about being on a 3 consecutive win streak.

¤ You guys are on a 3 win streak. How do you feel about today’s win?

Regardless of whether we do well or not, I’m just happy by the fact that we are on that 3 win streak. In today’s game, our performance was similar to a scrim game. It was not as clean as we would have liked it to be. This just shows that we need to work harder and improve.

¤ In the first game, Damwon was winning the early to mid game. Walk me through what changed during the mid to late game? How was Kingzone able to win?

First of, our team comp was more balanced and oriented towards the late game. It is just a shame that Damwon had the initiative over us in the early game. If we played better, I believe we would have had a much cleaner game. Nevertheless, we knew we could win the game as long as we kept farming till the late game.

¤ Why was game 1 and 2 so different? How were you able to end the second game so fast?

In the first game, we fell behind early and took longer to win because we weren’t able to focus as a team. A team needs to be all focused on doing one thing, but we couldn’t do this in the first game.

In the second game, the exact same thing happened. We made mistakes in the early game and got Damwon an early game lead. However, this time as a team, we thought of what plays we need to make. The result was a much cleaner and faster game.

¤ You picked Ashe in game 2. Picking Ashe against Lissandra, Alistar, and Jarvan must have not been an easy decision. Why Ashe?

As you may know, Ashe has no movement skills and is not particularly good against those champions. On the other hand, Ashe is powerful doe to her engage and strong laning. I knew that if I was able to survive the initial engage, I could easily clean up. Overall, I decided it was not a bad pick against Damwon.

¤ Your next games are against Gen.G and SKT T1. What results do you expect?

In regards to Gen.G, I believe they are slowly recovering as well. They won their last game against kt Rolster. As long as we don’t underestimate them and prepare, I think we defeat Gen.G.

With SKT, they recently lost convincingly to Griffin. Even with their loss yesterday, you can never count out SKT T1. Same with Gen.G, as long as we prep for the game, I am sure we will be able to defeat them as well.

¤ Griffin 2-0’ed SKT yesterday. What was your thoughts?

Whenever I watch a game, I never think of which team is better. Instead, I try to focus on things that we as a team could implement in our games. A strategy or champion pick that can help Kingzone.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I realize that our fans had a lot to worry when we started out the split with a few losses. Although our performance is not perfect, I really believe that we are getting better. Once the regular season is over and the playoffs begin, I promise that Kingzone will show a caliber of performance which is worthy of a champion team.

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