PTR introduces Chain Hook 2.0 along with other adjustments and features



Overwatch's PTR patch hit live today, introducing adjustments to hero balance and new features such as the Emote Wheel and an improved kill feed. Roadhog’s Chain Hook, the skill that caused much controversy regarding how the system judged whether the target should be pulled or not and how the target should be pulled, is now redesigned to be more rational and fair. Chain Hook now pulls the target “directly in front of Roadhog rather than straight to him, except in cases where Roadhog drastically rotates.” The target no longer gets hooked if it leaves Roadhog’s line of sight, which is judged from “Roadhog’s position rather than the hook’s position.”

Ana and D.Va received nerfs while Sombra gained a slight buff that increased her hacking speed. Ana’s Biotic Grenade had its healing boost cut in half in order to suppress Ana’s overpowered healing capacity towards targets with a large health pool. D.Va’s mech was also nerfed, as 200 of its armor was substituted with 200 health, while adjustments to its cannons resulted in “a small overall decrease in damage.” The mech’s cannons now deal 2 damage per bullet instead of 3, and shoot 11 bullets per shot instead of 8.

Overwatch also introduced a new feature called the Emote Wheel, in which players can equip multiple emotes and choose which one they would like to express in game. In addition to voice line and emote submenus that can be accessed from the Communication Wheel, players can now also bind individual keys with separate sprays, voice lines, and emotes. Kill feed now gives you more detailed information by displaying if a player killed another with an ability, ultimate ability, or headshot.

You can view the entire patch notes here.


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