Afreeca Freecs Dread & Aiming: "Some people say I am an active member of a malicious online community, but that isn’t true at all... I’d like to thank everyone who continued to believe me."


Afreeca Freecs defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 on January 30th at the LoL Park, South Korea. It seemed at first that both AF and JAG were evenly matched when they each took turns getting kills and objectives, although AF later managed to crush JAG after taking the Baron. Jin Air Green Wings, however, did not give up and tried their best to defend their Nexus until the end. Afreeca Freecs, rather than fighting JAG, chose to hit the Nexus to finish the game.

The second game was an easy one for Afreeca Freecs. They crushed their enemy by getting 19 kills and only one death. It was also where Dread brought out Kayne, which makes it the first time he was ever played in the LCK. This is a post-match interview with Afreeca Freecs’ bot laner, Aiming, and jungler, Dread.

How do you feel about your victory?

Aiming: It feels great to play in the tournament and win since it’s been a while.

How were you when you weren’t playing in the tournament?

Aiming: I’ve been preparing to play in the LCK until now.

What about you, Dread?

Dread: It feels so great to get my first VP, and I think I was able to get a good result after practicing with Kayne so much.

Aiming, did you think that you were going to steal that Baron when you used your ult?

Aiming: At first, I was like 'this should be it' when I used my ult, and was exhilarated when I found out I had taken it.

Are you usually very confident when you are playing Ezreal?

Aiming: I picked him today after practicing with him much in solo ranked games.

I heard you say that your win rate on Ezreal isn’t that great when you picked Ezreal. How was it today?

Aiming: It felt great to win, despite my Ezreal win rate.

What part of the team strategy required you to prepare Spirit’s Jarvan IV today?

Dread: We were told that we had a problem with our macro so Spirit had to play as a support today.

What was the reason your team chose Jarvan IV?

Dread: Our coach recommended playing him.

It was the first time Kayne has ever been played in the LCK. Why did you decide to play him in today’s match?

Dread: I’ve played him lately in the solo ranked games, and also saw how Kayne was often picked in the LPL. He seemed like a great pick so I played him a lot during scrims.

So you prepared to play Kayne for today’s match?

Dread: Yes.


What are your thoughts on the new patch on Kayne?

Dread: I think it’s great for Kayne.

Afreeca Freecs now has 2 wins. Can you share your determination for your next match?

Aiming: I’d like us to keep winning by displaying a good performance.

Dread: I’ll try to have good results with Spirit as well.

Do you plan to keep playing in the tournament with him?

Aiming: It’s a secret (Laughs).
 Before we end this interview, I’d like to say something. I’d like to apologize to people who have been hurt by the chat incident before. Also, some people say I am an active member of a malicious online community, but that isn’t true at all. I’ve never visited or been part of one. I’d like to thank everyone who continued to believe me, and I’ll always try my best.

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