SANDBOX Ghost & Summit, after Getting Picked as MVP: "Today was the hardest match I’ve played this season... However, it feels great because it seems we won with great willpower."


On January 30th, the first day of week 3 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season took place at the LoL Park in Seoul, South Korea. SANDBOX Gaming won the first series against DAMWON Gaming 2-1. Each team had taken a win -- SANDBOX in game 1, and DAMWON in game 2. It was the third game that would decide which team will win, and this made the game turn intense as both teams seemed to be even. Each team took turns winning team fights, making it hard to predict which team would win. However, at the last team fight after SANDBOX had taken the Baron, the victor of the day’s match was decided. This is the post-match interview with SANDBOX Gaming’s top laner, Summit, and bot laner, Ghost.

How do you feel about your victory?

Summit: I can’t believe we came first in the standings.

Ghost: Today was the hardest match I’ve played this season. It was difficult since there were some problems in-game and outside the game, not just the drafts. However, it feels great because it seems we won with great willpower.

Urgot and Gallio got nerfed, nevertheless, you picked both of them in game 1. What was the reason you picked both of them first?

Summit: We thought that they were still great picks even though they got nerfed. That was the reason we picked them first.

There are also other champions that got nerfed along with Urgot and Gallio. Do you also plan to pick them?

Summit: Of course. We think that they are definitely worth playing as a team.

Summit, there was a moment where your team went deep into the enemy Nexus and only Gallio and Urgot made it out in the later phase. Did you know that Joker’s Gallio sacrificed himself to save you?

Summit: I did. He told me to go on without him, which sounded like a line from a movie, so I quickly ran away.

Game 2 didn’t go that well for you. You picked Renekton as your pocket pick, and your enemy top laner picked Kennen in response. What did you think back then?

Summit: I was like, I’m in serious trouble, I’m going to get hit many times and suffer, which I actually did.

Ghost, you have displayed extraordinary performance in game 3. You made away with barely any health left many times. What kind of shotcalling did you get during the last team fight?

Ghost: I can’t remember any shot calls I got back then. All I could think of was to dodge everything in front of me and keep hitting my enemies until the end.

There could have been a moment where you thought you should back out when you saw how low your health was. But you didn’t. Why?

Ghost: I thought that our team comp wasn’t great so I tried to see the end coming when I had the chance.

Nuguri has won all games on his Vladimir. What was the reason you didn’t ban him in game 3?

Summit: We didn’t intend to let him take Vladimir at all in the first place. However, it just happened -- Nuguri took Vladimir during the picks & bans. We told each other 'let’s just play well in-game.'

Your next match is against Griffin.

Summit: I think that Griffin is another powerful team just like us. We will make sure we take thorough preparation and deliver a good performance.

(Will you be picking champions like Renekton once more?)

Summit: I don’t think I’ll ever pick again (Laughs)

What about you, Ghost?

Ghost: We’ve almost killed everyone but the final boss. It’d be great if we won but we will focus more on providing a match that is fun to watch. Please root for us.

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