Vote for which champion you think will benefit most from the crit item patch


On the League of Legends official homepage and social media accounts, an announcement was made on January 25th, stating that there will be a few adjustments to the crit items in Patch 9.3.

As the current meta favors early fights that often determine the fate of the whole game, crit-based ranged ADs were fairly weak as they usually hit their power spike in the mid-late game. The adjustments seem to be focusing on altering the current situation. The main adjustment is to strengthen the synergy of critical strike damage from the second core item, but it won’t be as significant a change as people are worried it will be.

Riot released a few adjustments that will most likely become active in the game:

- IE goes back to increasing critical strike damage, though not as much as it used to (225%). AD also gets increased to give it a greater early impact.

- Essence Reaver goes back to being an AD, Crit, CDR, mana return item. Mana return on every AA and CDR is a flat 20%.

- The current ER effect (AAs lower CDs after ult cast) gets moved to a new item with AD, health, CDR stats (using the name and icon of Spear of Shojin, the original design of which we concluded was too similar to other items, Sterak’s especially). The goal is to have it be useable by both some marksmen and some other classes as per the current ER.

- PD gets a Lifeline passive that grants a shield when you fall below 30% health, also grants MS and ghost on basic attacking a champion. Loses the damage reduction from the enemy you last hit, though. The goal is to ensure Shiv’s a good option for them as a result, with a Shiv buff likely both to help them and other users.

- All upgraded crit items go to 25% crit (IE, ER, PD, RFC, Shiv, Hurricane)

- Stormrazor remains an AD/AS item, though now with a unique passive that amps your Energized effects (Fleet Footwork, Shiv, RFC) when they trigger.

These adjustments will likely have a huge impact on the current meta.

It is anticipated that crit-based ranged ADs will be buffed thanks to the patch, but there are also other champions who will be favored as much as ranged ADs with increased crit, so commonly-used champions in all lanes will possibly be replaced with AD-based champions.

Once the patch is live, crit-based champions who are not often used at the moment will rise, and players will come up with a few OP champions eventually.

In regards to that, we’d like to hear what you think about the patch and its upcoming impact on the game. Please select 1 to 3 champions that you think will become OP champions after the patch. If there’s none from the list, you can leave your own champion at the bottom.


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