[Cartoon] The LCK, LCS, and LEC are Different from Last Year, How Is Their Strength in This Early Spring Season?


This week’s editorial cartoon features outlines of each regional league (LCK, LCS, and LEC) in this spring season, which are quite different from how they were in the past.

The rookies in the LCK are as fierce as ever; notably, Griffin still remains steadfast at the top, now even stronger than they were last year. Many other teams are keeping their eyes on Griffin, who is now seen as the ‘final boss’. Based on their latest performance in the LCK, however, Griffin won’t relinquish their throne that easily.

The other rookie team on the same wave as Griffin is SANDBOX Gaming. The ink on their contract with the LCK has yet to completely dry, but they already have 4 wins and no losses - same as Griffin. Also, four teams out of the top 6 are rookie teams, which goes to show that the LCK rookies are not to be underestimated.

As for the LCS - Team Liquid, the one prestigious team of NA, is standing at the very top, but they are not alone. FlyQuest and Clutch Gaming, the two teams that had somewhat unsatisfactory performance last year, are now standing shoulder to shoulder with Team Liquid by 2-0. Of course, this is only the first week of the LCS, which has almost always been full of surprises, so it would be wiser to watch for a bit before making any hasty judgment.

And what about the LEC? Fnatic, the team that placed second at last year’s Worlds and never failed to ascend to the throne of the European league, isn’t doing so well this year. They have scored no win and 4 losses, coming last alongside Rogue. This would have been something unimaginable if it was last year. On the other hand, G2 Esports, the team that had their crown taken away by Fnatic, is on their way to claim it back. They are placed first, contrasting Fnatic’s score with their own 4 victories. This success was largely due to the recruitment of Caps, the best mid laner in Europe, and Perkz changing his role to bot laner. A veteran player taking on a new challenge, a star player joining, and the honor they have reclaimed again… The G2 fans are thrilled at the moment.

It is still too early to discuss the final results. But it seems that the intensity of each region is already at its peak -- will the underperforming teams be able to turn the tide in the remaining time? Or will the leagues continue at their current pace? As a reporter and audience member myself, I am very satisfied with all the action - though, of course, there are still a number of matches left.

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