SKT Mata: “I kept wondering throughout the game when Teddy will finally be able to activate his Draven passive”

The following interview will feature SK Telecom T1's support player, Mata, after his victory against DAMWON Gaming on the 27th(KST)!

It was a fierce battle against two teams that had lost their previous match. After a full series, however, SKT T1 was able to defeat DAMWON and grab their third victory of the split. After the match, we met up with Mata for an interview.

"I want to hurry and play against Griffin!" Here is the full text of Mata's interview.

You've won against DAMWON Gaming with a score of 2-1. How do you feel?

Everyone on the team was feeling a bit down because we had lost our previous match before today. I feel extremely happy that we were able to win against a strong team today. 

In game 1, Draven wasn't able to pick up any kills until the very end of the match. Is that something that you were planning to do from the beginning? (Laughs)

Teddy told the team countless times that "it'd be good for everyone if I can get a kill [for the passive]."

He began by saying that he can earn 700g. Eventually, "800g," "900g," and finally, "1900g," near the end of the match. I kept wondering throughout the game when Teddy will finally be able to activate the Draven passive. In the end, he did earn 1950g. He became rich at the end, after all.

Your defeat in game 2 must've been very regretful. Some say SKT always struggles during the second game of a series. 

Game 1, game 2 doesn't matter. We simply lost because we played poorly. 

Teddy stated in a previous interview that personally, "Mata's feedback is very helpful." Do you think Teddy is taking them well?

Teddy has all the basics and is able to do well on his own. I only give him feedback regarding mistakes that should never happen. When he makes a mistake, he is aware of it. He's doing well.

There was a trending video in the League of Legends community, where you had completely shut off Teddy. Do you often completely separate yourself from Teddy when he does something silly?

Not at all. (Laughs) I believe it was the first or second day when I started streaming under the SKT brand. I was duo'ing with Teddy when he did something 'terrible'. He flashed forward and died instantly. Immediately, I turned off discord and shut him off. 

Although I left the discord chat, Teddy continued to talk, unaware of the fact that I left. It was hilarious.

How do you feel when Teddy calls you, 'darling'?

He doesn't do it that often... only sometimes. I sometimes respond back by calling him "darling," too. But it's kind of weird when I say it...

Recently, ten professional gamers played an ARAM match together. Which team won?

It was only a few days ago. We were originally planning to play the match on the live server, but there was a technical issue. Soon after, they decided to play on the tournament server. I wasn't a part of it, though. 

Your next match is against Griffin. It's a highly anticipated matchup.

We aren't in a bad spot. I really, really want to play against them. I'm fully confident. 

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