Gen.G Peanut on Their First Victory: "It was a victory we didn’t get for a long time so it tasted sweet."


Gen.G defeated Jin Air Green Wings by 2-1 on January 27th, which was the last day of the 2nd week for the LCK 2019 Spring Season.

Gen.G won the first game when they successfully snowballed the early advantage they got from their lane dominance with help from their jungler. Then, it was Jin Air Green Wings that won the second game when they won the team fight and manage to take the Baron. It was getting intense as each team got a win; whichever team wins the third game will become the winner for today’s match. Gen.G’s bot laners played a crucial role in the last game with great coordination, leading their team to victory today.

This is the post-match interview we had with Gen.G’s jungler, Peanut.


How do you feel about your victory today?

It was a victory we didn’t get for a long time so it tasted sweet. We are going to play in two matches in the 3rd week, and we have the Lunar New Year afterward. I want to comfortably spend time with my family during the Lunar New Year after winning all of those games.

There were so many skirmishes today. At what point do you think decided the winner of the game?

We thought that we had good picks and bans in game 1 so we just didn’t have to make any mistakes. It was all about not making mistakes today.

How did you like your performance today?

Even if we weren’t satisfied with it, we aren’t in such a position. This is because every one win is precious to us. All I can think of is that we need to improve to win.

What kind of feedback did you get during a losing streak?

We got all different feedback. All of our coaches had gone through a lot. Our tournament results were worse than what we got from scrims, which made everyone disappointed about themselves. It felt like we were doing worse than we did during the KeSPA Cup. We had already lost 3 matches but we should only think about the rest. I think we need to play like we usually do during scrims and stop making mistakes from now on.

You must have got good scrim results.

I mean, the whole thing didn't get to a point where it became heartbreaking. I think that’s why I talk more about scrims.

How do you feel about your last play as Camille?

I have to admit, my coordination with Fly was bad. I keep thinking we should have worked on calling better shots.

There are some people saying that your performance got worse.

This is what you would hear once in a while when you are a pro gamer. I don’t pay too much attention to it and try to only think about practicing and working hard. All I can think of is how we can win.

You will be playing against KT Rolster next time. What do you think will be important?

It’s about making fewer mistakes for us so far. Our motto is ‘Let’s make fewer mistakes!’ rather than ‘Let’s play well!’. It’s same for playing against KT. Let’s make fewer mistakes than our opponent team.

Your goal might have become lower than it was at first when you started getting several losses.

I haven’t thought about my goal yet. Right now, it’s more about winning each game than a distant goal.

Lastly, any message for your fans?

I am so sorry for our fans for getting a win so late. From now on, we will try to get more wins by trying harder and showing better performance. I just got to hear about how our performance is falling, and I would still like to thank my fans for even feedback like this. One day, I’ll change into a player who gets praised by doing better. Please keep rooting for us.

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