SKT T1 Khan on His Pocket Pick: "There is something I have on my mind... It’s going to feel totally new. It’s probably going to be a champion that didn’t get picked for a long time."


SKT T1 defeated DAMWON Gaming by 2-1 during their LCK match on January 27th. Although they had a difficult game in game 2, they were able to win by overwhelming DAMWON Gaming during game 1 and 3. SKT T1’s top laner, Khan, played a crucial role in today’s match when he and Clid crushed their enemies during skirmishes, carrying their team. This is the interview we had with Khan about today's match.

Today’s match was quite difficult. Can you tell us how you feel about your win?

We won the first game with ease but it seemed our senses get clouded in game 2. Next time, we improve it and get a clean 2-0 victory.

You had a difficult time in game 2 after game 1. Enemy Rakan especially seemed fearsome. Many are curious why you didn’t ban him.

I don’t think the reason we lost in game 2 is because of Rakan. We didn't have enemy Rakan on our mind that much.

How your team kept their focus on enemy top laner, Nuguri, stood out during  game 1 and 3.  Can you tell us more about this strategy?

DAMWON has the tendency where their mid laner and jungler put importance on helping their top laner. We decided to keep our focus on him whenever we saw the chance, and I think that worked out well.

DAMWON’s Nuguri has been gaining a lot of attention for his carry in the top lane. I’m sure you don’t fall behind as you are also known for your threatening top laning. It must have made you feel you didn’t want to lose to him even more.

Looking at Nuguri reminds of myself in the year 2017. It makes him look amazing. But I think he will be having a hard time because of all that burden. Despite that, he inspires me in how he displays awesome performance. That is why I think it will be great if I can win against him. I respect him.

So, did you feel that you want to win 1-on-1 without any help from your own team?

Since League of Legends is a team based game, no matter what you do, you can’t create a completely 1-on-1 situation. It’s made with influence from either the jungler or other laners. But if we do get the chance to go 1-on-1… then I think it will be a great fun even if I can’t predict who will win.

Aren’t you sorry that you didn’t get to be picked as MVP today?

I am always thinking about how our team can win instead of getting selected as the MVP so I don’t pay too much attention to it. Either Clid or Teddy has been getting it until now, which I hope they keep getting in the future. They deserve it.

There were only Gallio, Urgot, or Lissandra played in the mid lane, but we got Corki today. The result was unsatisfactory a bit, though. It seems that we are getting a variety of picks nowadays, and is SKT T1 keeping this on their mind when they practice?

We don’t hold any prejudice against any certain champions but try to be open-minded when we practice. There will be more variety of champions played, not just Corki.

Is there any special champion you are practicing for the top lane?

There is something I have on my mind. I am going to play it later in future if not now. It’s going to feel totally new. It’s probably going to be a champion that didn’t get picked for a long time.

You will be playing against Griffin’s Sword next time.

I am personally close to Sword. We ask each other for advices, so it will be a competition with good intention. But of course, I need to win.

What do you think SKT T1 should work on to improve now?

We weren’t able to get any clear answer to that. Since we made many mistakes, we will take time to work on improving them. After we have worked on the improvements, only then will we move on to the next step.

There are still many fans who worry about SKT T1. There are also many fans who found hope again from today’s match. Could you leave any message for them?

Since we lost against SANDBOX Gaming and the rest of teams we have to play against are powerful ones, it would have become very difficult for us if we lost in today’s match. It would have made us lose our spirit. But we won today. We won’t be dispirited by powerful teams and keep on playing well. Please keep rooting for us.

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