SKT T1 Faker: "Griffin is doing well but I think we can still win... We will do our best to prepare for it since we think winning against Griffin will help us make it straight to the finals"


On January 27th, the last day of the 2nd week for the LCK 2019 Spring Season took place at the LoL Park, South Korea. It was SKT T1 playing against DAMWON Gaming in the 1st series, in which they managed to defeat DAMWON by 2-1.

Having scored several kills, SKT T1’s laners were able to have smooth laning thanks to Clid’s successful ganks in the first game. Being ahead in both kill scores and macros, SKT was able to snowball as they continued to win the team fights. There was nothing much DAMWON could do when Clid and Khan fearlessly jumped on them. In the end, SKT T1 destroyed enemy Nexus.

In the second game, however, DAMWON was determined to payback. With quick backup, they were able to stay ahead of SKT T1 in kill scores during the early-mid phase. Eventually, they took the Baron after they killed two of the SKT players. This time, it was SKT’s turn to watch DAMWON destroy their own Nexus when they failed to turn the tide of the game.

Both teams seemed to be even in the last game at first; DAMWON had taken two drakes while SKT none, and they were going 3-2 for kill scores. However, just like he did in the first game, Clid focused on ganking the top lane, keeping Nuguri from scaling. Little by little, DAMWON had to give in kills or turrets as they were forced to back away from SKT’s fierce attacks. Eventually, SKT T1 became victorious in today’s match when they won in the last game as well.

Following is the post-match interview with SKT T1’s Faker.



How do you feel about your victory today?

We were in low spirit a bit after we lost the last match, but I think we will be able to play with confidence against Griffin since we got to win again this time.

Both teams seemed even in today’s match but you must have felt nervous about it. How did you prepare for today’s match?

Today’s match was an important one to all of us so everyone worked hard during the preparation. I could see how everyone paid special attention to it. This is a valuable win since I feel our effort was paid off.

You won in both set 1 and 3 with great dominance, although not so much in game 2. Was there anything you found regretful about today’s match?

We experienced some disadvantages during the skirmishes in game 2. Although we focused on macros in game 1 and 3, I wish we had worked on snowballing it much faster. I felt sorry about that.

You picked Corki in game 2. Why?

I picked Corki because I thought we lacked AP. Also, I thought Corki was a great champion to play for the mid-late phase.

You’ll be playing against Griffin in your next match. How do you think it will go?

Griffin is doing well but I think we can still win if we don’t let ourselves get disheartened by their spirit. Also, we will do our best to prepare for it since we think winning against Griffin will help us make it straight to the finals.

Any last words?

We won today and we want to turn that into consecutive wins. I hope we can get good results.

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