KZ TusiN on Beating his Former Team: "I had no intentions of spamming dance inside the game. But when it came to that moment, I really couldn’t help myself."

On the 26th, Kingzone defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-0.

While every game is important to the teams, today’s match up meant something more for both teams. Once on the same team, Ucal and PawN were put against each other. In addition, Tusin was facing his former team, Afreeca Freecs.

Despite the first game quickly going to the favor of Kingzone, Afreeca Freecs was not ready to give up any time soon. In game 2, Afreeca Freecs had switched the tempo of the game and was on the verge to making a comeback. However, Tusin’s Shen had blocked Afreeca’s avenue of initiation.

After the game, Inven Global was able to interview Kingzone’s support, TusiN. Let’s see what he has to say about beating his former team.


¤ How do you feel about the your win today?

At first, I thought it was going to be a difficult set of games. But after playing, I was relieved that it was a lot easier than I had initially thought.

Afreeca Freecs showed a lot of diversity in their previous games. How did Kingzone prepare for today’s match?

No matter who went to the bot lane from Afreeca, I knew that they were not going to be as good as Aiming would have been as a standard ADC. Because of this, I didn’t worry too much about their unique strategies.

¤ In the first game, you guys won very clean. However, in the second game, it was more difficult to win compared to before. What happened?

Since we didn’t have a Marksman champion, it was up to us to not make mistakes and end the game as quickly as possible. I think this is the only reason why the second game took longer to finish and was more difficult. Despite our 2-0 win today, I believe we still have a lot of room to improve.

Afreeca Freecs is your former team. How did it feel to beat your former team? I saw you spam taunt on the kill on Lucian.

I used to and still am close with a lot of the Afreeca Freecs members. I am especially close with Kiin. In regards to the taunting, I actually didn’t mean to do it. I had no intentions of spamming dance inside the game. But when it came to that moment, I really couldn’t help myself (laughs). I wanted to do it to Kiin.

¤ In the your previous interview, you said that you wanted to buy Coach iloveoov some food after you win against them. Are willing to keep that promise?

Since I did win, I want to buy him some food. However, I think it will be a little bit hard to contact him after today (laughs).

¤ Your next match is against Damwon. What are your predictions for the series?

We are stacking up as much experience as possible right now. Damwon is not undefeated. They have lost a series. Thanks to this, we believe it is definitely possible to beat them. I don’t think we will have any huge problems when dealing with them.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I gave Kiin a hug after the game. I felt really bad for some reason. Maybe it was because we were so close and were on the same team together. Although we did beat them today, I hope the next time we meet...they will be better and stronger.

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