GRF Sword on Their Next Match Against SKT: "Keep your guard up, Dong-ha (Khan)."

On the 25th, at the LoL Park, the 8th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. The second series of the day featured Griffin and DAMWON Gaming, in which Griffin won with a dominating score of 2-0. With this victory, Griffin is now placed 1st in the LCK Spring leaderboard. Throughout today's series, Sword acted as the pillar that his team could rely on. 

The following is an interview with Griffin's top laner, Sword.

You've won four consecutive matches, how does it feel?

I feel that things are working as planned this split. I'm very happy with the results. 

The first game of your series today was a very close one. Were you expecting to play such a hard match?

The 'picks and bans' went in our favor, so I was initially expecting an easy win. However, the laning phase didn't go well for us, so the match had an unexpected twist.

Do you think you'll win every match remaining in Round 1 of this Split?

As our head coach had said before, there is no 'easy' team here in the LCK. Every team has a unique strength, so if the flow of a game doesn't go in our favor, we can lose at any given moment. 

What is Griffin's strongest feature?

We're more confident in our teamfights than our laning capabilities. I believe teamfighting is where our strength is. 

What kind of feedback did you receive after today's match?

In one of the games, in front of dragon, I misused Viktor's laser. Because of that play, the dragon didn't reset, and it aggro'd on the enemy team. Our head coach was satisfied with how I played during the laning phase, however. 

Your next opponent is SKT T1.

I'm expecting a fun game from them. SKT is a strong team, but I honestly believe that we're stronger as a team at the moment. We aren't behind them in terms of individual mechanics as well. 

What will be important for the matchup?

Everything put aside, I just want to prevent Khan from taking over the game.

"(To Khan) Keep your guard up, Dong-ha." (Laughs) 

Any last words?

I want to thank all the fans that always cheer and worry for us. Thank you.

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