Ranking up in Hearthstone will be easier starting February



Good news for Hearthstone players who dread seeing their hard-fought rank dissipate before their eyes on the first of each month. Starting with February's Ranked season, the climb to glory will be made a bit easier up until you reach rank 10.

In a blog post, Hearthstone's developers respond to the feedback that each rank having five stars makes for a painfully long grind. That's why, starting next month, the lower ranks will have fewer stars, meaning you have to win fewer games to advance to the next rank. Rank 50 to 16 will be brought down to three stars, while rank 15 to 11 will have four stars.

When the ranks reset on February 1st, all "excess" stars will be lost in order to still provide a four-rank reset. Previously, when you achieved rank 15 with five stars, you'd be set back to rank 19 with equally as much stars. Now, however you'll be reset to rank 19 with three stars, aligning with the rank's new maximum. A slightly bitter pill to swallow first, perhaps, but in the long con it should all work in your benefit.


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