13 Heroes of the Storm characters that desperately need new skins

As 2019 rolls around, the Heroes of the Storm creative team has a large task ahead of them: giving heroes who haven't received new skins over the past 18+ months, new toys to play with. 


Currently, that number is 22 or a little more than 25% of the current roster. While at face value that may seem like a lot of heroes that need love, and it is, Blizzard has one of the most talented creative teams in the gaming industry and, arguably, the world.


Where should they start? Great question. How about some of the heroes that haven't been touched since their release, 2016 or 2015?


Below is a deep-dive into a handful of heroes that the art team can flex their muscles on.


Forgotten since 2016


The Butcher: Ever since the menacing "The Butcherlisk" skin came out on 10/4/2016, this blood-fiend has had to wear the same attire to do his slaughtering.



Nova: Although she has numerous tints to her many skins, Nova actually hasn't received a brand new one since this Overwatch themed "Widowmaker" garment released on 5/20/16.



Rexxar: Ever since the beast-master put on his "Raider" uniform on 9/27/16, Misha and himself have been stuck wearing the same few outfits since.


Ignored since 2015


Falstad: Yes, he received one of the best skins in the game, "The Buccaneer", on 10/27/15 but for the past 39 months...nothing for the birdman.



Thrall: How can one of the most iconic characters in the Warcraft franchise not have an updated costume since 9/1/15? Seems like a crime that needs to be taken up with the Warchief.



Tassadar: 2015 was a great year for iconic skins as the "Mecha" outfit for the beloved Starcraft hero is all he has received since 3/13/15.



Sgt. Hammer: Although she may be "ready to roll out," she hasn't been able to roll in anything new since 9/1/2015. For now, "Sgt. Doomhammer" is pretty much it.


Nada since release


Medivh: Poor, poor Medivh. The last Guardian of Tirisfal has been forgotten since his release on 6/4/16. Perhaps he has been in Raven Form for too long that the creative team simply couldn't see him?



Lucio: It's a real shame that Lucio hasn't received more love since his release on 2/14/17. The current skins he does have access to are really unique, speak to his personality and, I imagine, the Overwatch community would want them in their game as well.



Zul'jin: Forget "You want axe?" Zul'jin should be asking: "You want to give me skins?" The ax-wielding troll with anger issues hasn't received any since his release on 1/14/17. 



Ragnaros: His signature voice line "By fire be purged!" is only so threatening when he's shouting it while wearing the same skin since his launch back on 12/14/16. At least his only other skin, "Lil' Ragnaros" is awesome. 



Probius: I'm not saying the Heroes of the Storm team has forgotten about Probius in terms of his appearance and his balance within the game but I'm saying the Heroes of the Storm team has forgotten about Probius in terms of his appearance and his balance within the game since his release on 3/14/17.



The Lost Vikings: One of the original heroes in the title, TLV has been forgotten since 2/10/15(!). There's an endless amount of cool ideas that the creative team can put together with three heroes being controlled by the same player: A singing trio? Alvin and the Chipmunks? Dr. Seuss and Thing 1 and Thing 2? Oh well.

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    level 1 Sven_Svenson


    Zul'jin received a lunar skin in 2018, I believe. It's pretty a great one, really.

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      level 23 TimRizzo


      You're right!

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