AFS Spirit on His Annie Bot Lane: "Today’s strategy was something that we have been preparing for quite some time now. Using it today and winning, it feels amazing."

On the 24th, Afreeca Freecs defeated Gen.G 2-1.

This series was unlike the ones before it. Kiin was the first player in the LCK 2019 Spring Split to bring out the Vayne mid into Galio. Alongside Morgana and Rakan as support, Kiin was able to carry game 1 for Afreeca. Despite the game 2 loss, Afreeca Freecs was able to close out the series with another unconventional pick. Annie in the bot lane.

After the series, Spirit was interviewed.

¤ How do you feel about your win?

Today’s strategy was something that we have been preparing for quite some time now. Using it today and winning, it feels amazing.

¤ You guys lost the second game but continued to implement the same strategy in the 3rd game. How come?

The only reason why we kept doing our strategy was that Kiin kept on insisting that he wanted to play a carry role. More specifically, he wanted to play Lucian. This is why I said “Oh, you know what? You play the carry role”. Because Kiin picked Lucian, I chose to play Annie. I had already been practicing her for a long time anyway.

¤ What lead to the loss in game 2?

To be honest, the real reason why we lost the second game was because of Kiin. He was so focused on wanting to win...he kept insisting we try a risky strategy. Unfortunately, it backfired.

¤ Marin and other legendary players have retired. What are your thoughts on this?

I honestly don’t know how those legendary players like Marin have played for so long and did so much. Although I am not playing that well now, I promise I will keep at it and play better.

¤ Were you confident on winning against Kingzone today? Also, what is this beef with Tusin?

Tusin kept trash talking at us like “You have nothing to say. You guys haven’t even got a single win under your belt.” We got our first win today. Finally, we can say things back to Tusin (laughs). In regards to our game with Kingzone, I was confident we were going to win because of our large champion pool like Annie bot.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

There has been fans who have supported me and the team through our highs and lows. I want to thank them. We have still a lot of games left, but I will try my best to make our fans proud.

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