BDO KR Patch Notes Jan 23rd -Private Mode added, Unrecoverable damage from Black Spirit skills



New Event: Imperial Alchemist
  -  From Jan 23rd to Feb 6th
  -  Turn in Clear Liquid Reagent and receive Silver!

New Event: Join us, new players!
  -  From Jan 23rd to Feb 6th
  -  Invite new players to your guild and receive special guild presents.


[New Updates - Content]

Private Mode has been added.
  -  Your connection status will be hidden to other players in Private Mode.
  -  You can select Private Mode from the server selection screen.
  -  In Private Mode, you cannot send/receive guild invitations, friends requests, and whispers.
  -  System messages will still be displayed when you die from PvP or kill other player.
  -  World messages from obtaining items and achieving certain ranks will still be displayed.
  -  An icon and a message “You are in Private Mode” will appear at the bottom right corner when you login as Private Mode.

Darkness Devour has been added.
  -  You can use Darkness Devour in the Black Spirit’s enhancement menu. You can use +8 or higher weapons/+6 or higher armors.
  -  Gear used for Darkness Devour will be destroyed.
  -  You will get enhancement stack depending on the enhancement level of the gear that you used.
Darkness Devour is only available when your character has 0 failstack (not including Valks stacks).

▲ For example, if I have 0 failstack and use a +14 weapon for Darkness Devour, 
▲ I get 14 failstacks and the weapon is destroyed.

Favorite function has been added to the Integrated Marketplace.

When purchasing/selling items in the Integrated Marketplace, you can pre-order items at the standard price.

The pre-order price cannot go over the maximum price and cannot go below the minimum price of the item.


[New Updates - Characters]

You can now use Black Spirit’s Rage to block enemy’s HP recovery.
  -  You can “wound” the opponent with Black Spirit’s Rage skills.
  -  A certain percentage of Black Spirit skill damage will be inflicted as a “wound”.
  -  The “wound” will decrease the maximum amount of HP that can be recovered.
  -  The “wound” will be recovered by 10 per 5 seconds.
  -  Damage over time and additional damage based on HP or MP % will not inflict Wound.
  -  Wound will be refreshed when the character dies.
  -  Would will not be healed when the character is not logged in. Would will start to heal from the moment character loading starts.

For example, if a Warrior uses Spinning Slash with 100% Black Spirit’s Rage to attack a Berserker with 5000 HP and the Berserker took 2000 damage, the Berserker will take 1000 Wound, which is 50% of the damage. The Berserker will be able to recover his HP up to 4000 using HP potions.


[New Updates - Quest]

After completing the last main quest in each territory, you can receive a quest that completes the adventure from the Black Spirit.
  -  [Adventure Complete] Journey in Balenos
  -  [Adventure Complete] Journey in Serendia
  -  [Adventure Complete] Journey in Calpheon
  -  [Adventure Complete] Journey in Mediah
  -  [Adventure Complete] Journey in Valencia
  -  [Adventure Complete] Journey in Kamasylvia
  -  [Adventure Complete] Journey in Drieghan


[Fixes and Changes - Content]

The population of the following fishes in the ocean has increased. Chances of catching them will be doubled.
  -  Ghost Whale
  -  Giant Black Squid
  -  Requiem Shark

Merchants will start buying Treasure-grade Harpoon fishes.

Above Treasure-grade fishes will not have expiration dates, and will not be categorized as Trade items anymore. (Can be sold to any NPC vendors)

The prices of the above Treasure-grade fishes have been adjusted.
  -  Ghost Whale : 0,1 billion silver
  -  Giant Black Squid : 500 million silver
  -  Requiem Shark : 750 million silver

The maximum number of items you can pre-order/book for sale will be limited to 5+number of Marketplace maids you have.

Fixed the issue where tax was not applied to the items that are sold via pre-order in the Integrated Marketplace.


[Shadow Arena]

For the skills of the characters in the Shadow Arena, icons of the skills that have defense effect, CC, or grab will be displayed on top of the skill commands.
  -  Skills with defense effects (Forward guard, Super armor, Invincibility) : Shield icon with red background color
  -  Skills with CC (Stiffness, Bound, Floating, Knock back, Knock down, Stun, Freeze) : Stun icon with orange background color
  -  Skills with grab : Hand icon with purple background color

Icons will not be displayed for the effects that are not applicable in the Shadow Arena. (e.g. effects that are only effective during mounted combat or PvE)

If a skill has more than 1 effect, two icons will be displayed at the same time.

You can hover your mouse over each icon to read a simple descriptive tooltip.

Skill damage balance in the Shadow Arena has been adjusted. Skills that are used less frequently will now deal more damage, and skills that used to deal too much damage have been nerfed.
  -  You might not feel a big difference, as the damage in Shadow Arena is more affected by gear rather than by skills.

Shadow Arena Rank has been added. You can check the rank in the main menu - Community - Shadow Arena Ranks, or in the Shadow Arena lobby.
  -  First place : +1000
  -  AP/DP : +1 per AP/DP
  -  Survival time : +20 per every minute you survive. (will not be added if you have survived less than 5 minutes)

The monsters’ will deal more damage and will have more chances of dropping better items as the game progresses. (HP will be lower than before)



The location of the transparency UI of the Notes will not move when you reconnect to the game.

Fixed the abnormal messages that appeared for some functions that are restricted by level.

Fixed the frame dropping issue when obtaining items.



Fixed the issue where the movement distance did not increase when using Balance Strike after certain skills.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Shudad Armor.

Fixed the abnormal animation that occurred when pressing the commands for Guard and Kick together.

Fixed the issue where Shield Charge did not work when you hold Q.

The Warrior cannot use Guard anymore while using Piercing Spear or Frenzied Spear.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Stella Clothes.

Fixed the abnormal movement when pressing T and W together in awakening stance.



Fixed the issue where PvP damage of Elastic Force was not reduced.

Fixed the issue where Absolute: Elastic Force dealt 1% of max WP as additional damage.



Fixed the abnormal movement when pressing T and W together in awakening stance.

Fixed the issue where Judgment of Light did not inflict stun during mounted combat. (PvP)



Petal Drill has changed.
  -  Stun on good hits (PvE only) > Bound on good hits (PvE only)

Sleet Steps will be used consecutively when you hold the command.

Fixed the issue where Chase did not consume Stamina when the skill is used while on cooldown and used after basic attack in Kerispear stance.

Reduced damage will be applied when you use Stub Arrow I while the skill is on cooldown.

Fixed the issue where the sound of forward slash was played before the animation.



Reduced damage will be applied when you use Stub Arrow I while the skill is on cooldown.

Rising Storm and Quick Shot can be used during mounted combat when the Musa is equipping a Horn Bow.



Sky Stepping cannot be used consecutively.



Fixed the issue where Murderous Intent inflicted Stun, not Stiffness.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Canape Helmet.

Fixed the issue where certain buff icons were displayed multiple times when the Witch uses Black Spirit: Fissure Wave.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the abnormal movement when pressing T and W together in awakening stance.



The graphical effect when successful hit occurs will be visually more intense.

When connecting to Ultimate Crash after rightward basic attack in Gardbrace stance, the combo will start from the 2cnd hit of Ultimate Crash.

When connecting to Ultimate Crash after rightward and leftward basic attack in Gardbrace stance, Ultimate Crash will inflict “decreases all DP on good hits”.

The Echo Spirit’s animation when connecting to Ultimate Crash after leftward basic attack in Gardbrace stance has changed.

Black Spirit: Ultimate Crash can be used as a combo after rightward/leftward basic attack in Gardbrace stance.



The graphical effect when successful hit occurs will be visually more intense.



Skill description of Moondance has been edited: Damage % x4 > Damage %, max 4 hits



Luthraghon’s Call will be used immediately after leftward/rightward Glissade when Watcher is on.

Connecting to Luthraghon’s Call after Tactical Strike and Flow: Light’s Trail will be smoother.

Fixed the issue where the following skills did not deal damage when they are used on a sloped area: Winged Strike, Bolt of Radiance, Storm of Light, Flow: Light’s Trail, Righteous Smite, Glissade

The melee hit in Full Bloom and Black Spirit: Full Bloom will deal less damage in PvP.

Gaping Darkness can be used with quickslots.

Luthraghon’s Call will have forward guard only when the skill is charging.
Forward guard will not be applied once the charging is done.

Casting speed of Meteor Dive will increase as the skill level increases.

Forward guard will be applied when the Archer moves backward in Greatbow stance.

Fixed the issue where Ravenous Talon was not used when the Archer has less than 250 Stamina.

The command to use Arrow Explosion after Zephyr Leap and Ultimate: Zephyr Leap has changed from Shift to Shift+F.

The Archer can now use Watcher by pressing Q while moving.

Casting speed of Earth Shatter will increase as the skill level increases.

Wrath of Nature and Bolt of Radiance can be canceled with Glide and Meteor Dive.

The animation before Bolt of Radiance will be faster.

Ravenous Talon will recover 30 HP per good hit.



Value Package will increase max weight by 200 LT instead of 100.

Fixed the issue where the item description of Robe Piece included the items that cannot be exchanged.

Fixed the abnormal price of the following items: Master’s Elixir of Perforation Alchemy Box, Master’s Elixir of Assassin Alchemy Box

A text that says you can exchange the item with Dim Magical Armor/Sub weapon has been added to the tooltip of Token of Promise.

The 3 different recipes for Meat Pasta will be displayed in different forms in Craft Notes.

Descriptive text regarding the maximum number that can be registered has been added to the tooltip of the following guild mounts.
  -  [Guild] Ship License: Galley
  -  [Guild] Registration: Valencia Elephant
  -  [Guild] Registration: Cadria Elephant

“Max HP will increase when Health level increases” has been added to Soft Milk Bread.

Descriptions regarding enhanced skills have been added to the tooltip of Krogdalo horse gear.

Fixed the issue where tax wagons would occasionally leave the route.

Monsters summoned via summon scrolls and the adventurer who summoned the monster will not appear on the mini map.

Seagulls can be killed with Hunting Matchlocks now.

More Seagulls have been added to Velia and Epheria.



Monsters around Horio Tinya in Abandoned Iron Mine have been relocated.

HP of Garmoth statues that are summoned with Garmoth has decreased by 30%.

Locations of some monsters in Soldier’s Grave have changed.

AP/HP of the following quest-exclusive boss monsters has been adjusted.
  -  Abandoned Iron Mine Executioner : AP increased by 72%, HP increased by 41%
  -  Illezra’s Puppet : AP increased by 76%, HP increased by 34%
  -  Awakened Black Spirit : AP increased by 10%, HP decreased by 40%, summoned Black Spirit’s explosion damage increased by 200%

The camera shaking effect when guild raid monster Ferrid dies has been adjusted.

Chances of obtaining Scroll Written in Ancient Language from monsters in Valencia have changed.
  -  Bashim Base : increased by 20%
  -  Desert Naga : increased by 200%
  -  Titium Valley : decreased by 10%
  -  Crescent Shrine : decreased by 10%
  -  Gahaz Bandits : decreased by 20%
  -  Cadry Ruins : increased by 350%
  -  Centaurus : increased by 20%
  -  Roud Sulfur Mine : increased by 50%
  -  Aakman : decreased by 15%
  -  Hystria Ruins : decreased by 30%


[Quest and Knowledge]

Lost Gift (Adventurer’s Tome) quest has been added.
  -  You can receive Adventurer’s Tome again from the Black Spirit if you don’t have the item and have completed Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer’s Tome).

Typos in quest summaries and NPC lines have been fixed.

The hints that you can see when you don’t have certain knowledges have been edited.

Fixed the issue where you could still see the other choice for the quest after completing “A Gift from Calpheon”.

Fixed the issue where the node investment information was not applied in underground Gyfin Rhasia Temple. (Item drop chance boost is not applied in Gyfin Rhasia Temple, as same as before.)

Fixed the issue where some quests still appeared in the recommended quest tab after completing them.

The entrance to the hidden place will be shown to you via the camera when talking to NPC Martha Kiyen during the quest “Ritual”

The condition to complete the quest [Special Gift] A Light Step for an Adventure II has changed to obtaining Value Package knowledge.

You can obtain the knowledge by using the 1-day Value Package you received from the previous quest in the chain.

If you have already finished the quest, you can talk to Tachros in Velia to obtain the knowledge.



Fixed the issue where the ? button was not displayed on the max durability repair window.

Fixed the issue where the max durability repair window could not be moved.

Fixed the issue where the texts during the Black Spirit quests for returned players still remained after closing the Black Spirit window.

Fixed the awkward alignment of the buttons in the quest detail window.

Game Tips and Guild Mount List windows are redesigned.

“Hours played today” and “Time Passed since the beginning of the adventure” will be displayed in two lines when they become too long.

The area south of Balenos where the Sensitive Big Horn Deer appears will be displayed as “Sniping Hunting Area” in the world map.

Names of the buttons in the Guild Alliance tab have changed.
Add Alliance > Add Guilds to Alliance
Remove Alliance > Removed Guilds from Alliance

Fixed the abnormal alignment of texts and buttons in the Guild Alliance window.

Whisper, Invite to Party, Entrust as Guild Leader, and Contract Renewal buttons will not appear if the guild member is offline.

World Boss notification window has been redesigned.

An additional message has been added to the world boss notification window when a world boss appears.

The notification will be closed automatically after 10 minutes.

Locations of the Sticky UI button, Guide button, and Close button next to the Inventory has changed.

Warning message that used to appear when you are selling an item that costs more than 500,000 silver to NPC vendors has been removed.

Fixed the overlapping texts and the texts that went outside the window,

You can check the quests that you have already completed by clicking on the quest in the quest window.

The standard price of an item will always be in the middle when buying or selling items in the Integrated Marketplace.

The order of the tabs in the guild window will be refreshed when you disband a Guild Alliance.

You can now jump in the water as the Black Spirit in the Shadow Arena.

Annexes cannot be built in the Forts that are in the node in which the Node War has already took place.

Quickslots will automatically be filled in the Shadow Arena when you possess as the Black Spirit.

BDO Game Agreement window has been redesigned.

Shadow Arena Rank menu has been added to the main menu (ESC).

Fixed the issue where the winner’s name window popped up when you leave during Shadow Arena.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

The camera angle when talking to NPC Horio Tinya and Ain Greid has changed so you can see the NPCs better.

Fixed the issue where it appeared as Waragon Cave is underwater.



You can now receive daily exp boosts as scrolls, not in immediately used buffs.

You can mix the two scrolls (combat exp and skill exp) via Simple Alchemy.

Auto-pathing for certain quests are improved.

Fixed the issue where taxes could not be collected from tribute wagons.

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    level 1 Jason_Graham

    why all the hate towards kuno? Do the devs of this game even play it? Its nowhere near as op as ninja but she gets the same nerfs.

    How do they decide on balance issues ? Clearly Na/Eu has no voice ,do the korean playerbase ask for kuno nerfs ?

    I'd like to see them buff other classes to balance instead of nerfing classes to uselessness . these devs could take some pointers from the ncsoft dev team they did much better at balancing classes in Aion.

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    level 1 satsuMoonFlower

    Thanks for translating this!

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    level 25 Moist

    Daily exp boosts can be received as scrolls, I like this change.

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