HLE Sangyoon on Reading Comments: "Coach said to me 'If you want to extend your time as pro, it is better not to read those comments.'”

On the 20th, Hanwha Life Esports swept 2-0 against Afreeca Freecs.

Both wins for Hanwha had one thing in common, Sangyoon’s Kai’Sa. Once seen as a must pick ADC, Kai’Sa has dropped in both popularity and effectiveness. However, Sangyoon has done an incredible job to showcase how people Kai’Sa still is in the right hands.

Carrying his team in both games, Sangyoon left the stage with a smile on his face. After the games, we met with Sangyoon to hear his thoughts on his 2nd win of the new split.


¤ You guys are on a 2 win streak. How do you feel right now?

Before playing in our very first game, I was nervous because it was the start of a new season. However, while I was nervous, I was not scared that we might lose. This is because we prepared well.

¤ With the wins Hanwha has gotten under their belt, a lot of comments on the internet followed. What is it like reading comments from fans giving you immense support?

To be honest, whenever you look at a fan’s comment, it is high risk high reward. This is because when you do well, you get the popularity and support. But once you do bad, the criticism exceed imagination. Hence why, our coach always tells us not to read those comments. Although there are players who still look for those comments, I don’t indulge too much.

Our coach said to me “If you want to extend your time as pro, it is better not to read those comments.” While those comments give you strength when you do well, it is near impossible for a player to do well all the time. If you make one mistake, the criticism will easily double the amount of support you receive.

¤ How will you prepare against your match against Griffin?

With the performance we have now, I believe it is more than enough. In the meta right now, it is impossible to predict 100% on who is going to win. If you had to point, the team that is good at teamfighting is most likely to win. The thing is...our team is good at teamfighting. While Griffin is a strong team, we are more than capable to give them a good fight.

As much as Griffin is good, we need to work more on our basic skills. If we try to force, I have a feeling it is going to backfire. Since we still have 2 days left, I will try my best to prepare.

¤ You have been playing with key for 3 years and have yielded amazing results. What are your thoughts on key?

Within the 3 year span, we have fully synced up. We are closer than any relationship can get. key and I have spent almost a 1000 days together. To me, he is perfect. With me getting older, key helps and compliments me mechanically.

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