HLE Thal and bonO: "Griffin is undoubtedly an extremely strong team...as long as we keep doing what we are doing right now, I am confident that we can beat them."

For the last match of the 20th, Hanwha Life Esports defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-0.

In games 1 and 2, Thal and bonO acted as the backbone for Hanwha. They allowed both Lava and Sangyoon to carry towards the mid and late game. Sangyoon’s Kai’Sa was a pleasure to look at in game 1 and same goes to Lava’s Leblanc in game 2.

After the game, Thal and bonO were interviewed. Let’s see what they have to say about going undefeated.

¤ How do you guys feel about today’s win?

Thal: So far, it is going exactly how we planned. I only hope that our next game will continue to be the same.

bonO: I’m happy that we won. I will try my best to replicate my performance today for our next game against Griffin.

¤ After the KeSPA Cup, Hanwha Life Esports has improved immensely in performance. What’s the secret?

Thal: After KeSPA, the amount of practice for our team was increased. I like to believe this is why we have improved so much since then.

bonO: Since our loss at KeSPA, we all buckled down as a team with the motivation to be a cohesive unit.

¤ (To Thal) You played extremely well today and especially on Aatrox. What specific feedback did you receive from the team/coaching staff?

Thal: While playing, I have been implementing our coach’s feedback into our in game decision making. Thanks to this, the games are turning out a lot better.

¤ When Lava kept grabbing kills left and right with LeBlanc, what was going on in the voice coms?

Thal: Once Lava started to get kills, he told us that he was going to carry. From this point onwards, Lava played with blazing initiative.

¤ Your next game will be against Griffin. How will you guys prepare?

Thal: Griffin is undoubtedly an extremely strong team. However, as long as we keep doing what we are doing right now, I am confident that we can beat them.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

Thal: Since we are on a 2 game win streak, we will continue this momentum and make it a 3 game win streak.

bonO: We will continue to try our best and make sure to win against our next match against Griffin.

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