SANDBOX Gaming Ghost on SKT T1: "I am curious to see how we will fair against Mata and Teddy. If we win, we will definitely be on an incredible high."

On the 20th, SANDBOX Gaming took down Kingzone Dragon X 2-0.

Defeating Gen.G and now Kingzone as well, SANDBOX Gaming is on a streak. Tied for 1st place, although still relatively new, SANDBOX is coming out the gates with a bang. Taking clean and fast games off Kingzone, the entire team of SANDBOX seems to be in complete unison. Their next game is against SKT T1.

After the games, we got to interview SB’s bot laner, Ghost. Let’s see what he has to say about beating Kingzone and facing SKT.

¤ You guys are on a streak. It must feel good.

We are having so much fun in our games. My teammates, coaches, and staff all believe in one another. Without filter, we are each giving feedback on how to improve as a team and as an individual. On top of all this, our transparency does not negatively affect our atmosphere either. I am very happy right now.

¤ How is SANDBOX different from your former teams (CJ and bbq) that you are performing so well right now?

The entire team and coaching staff helped me a lot in finding my confidence. Thanks to them, I am able to perform like my former peak self.

¤ What are your thoughts on your support, Joker? Joker is the oldest player in the LCK and maybe even the world. Are you not worried about his age?

To be honest, I was a bit worried before. However, I began to see that Joker likes to play aggressive and so do I. Since Joker has the age and I don’t have much time in me either, we are both very sincere when it comes to playing. I think this is why our synergy is so spot on.

¤ Is there any specific player on our team that just amazes you?

Dove is simply incredible. In any situation, he maintains his composure. When the team goes sideways, Dove makes sure to put us right back on track.

¤ Your next game is against SKT. How will you prepare?

In my opinion, I believe Griffin and SKT are extremely strong right now. Never once was I able to beat Mata. I am curious to see how we will fair against Mata and Teddy. If we win, we will definitely be on an incredible high. I will try my best to win.

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