SANDBOX Gaming Dove on Beating Kingzone: "I knew we were going to win...After Kingzone rebuilt their roster, I never thought they were strong."

On the 5th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split, SANDBOX Gaming defeated Kingzone Dragon X 2-0.

Both games had started neck and neck between both teams. However, there were clear factors that made the games sway in the favor of SANDBOX. In game 1, the overall team synergy and macro put the slight edge to SANDBOX. This lead to Baron and the first round win to SANDBOX.

In the second game, SANDBOX continued to ban out Tusin’s support champion pool and reimplemented the Draven + Thresh combo. Alongside Dove’s incredible Galio play and OnFleek’s Camille, SANDBOX was able to outplay Kingzone and close out the set.

After the games, SANDBOX Gaming’s mid laner,Dove, was interviewed. Let’s see what Dove has to say about beating Kingzone!

¤ How do you feel about today’s win?

Although I knew we were going to win against Kingzone, the games were harder than I thought it would be. After Kingzone rebuilt their roster, I never thought they were strong. Since our scrim results were good, I had a good feeling we would do fine against Kingzone.

¤ In the first game, Kingzone got the upper hand in most teamfights. Any thoughts?

After mid game, I knew we would win the game. In the second game, we didn’t make any mistakes. Because of this, I believed in certainty that we would win the series.

¤ Now that you have played against Pawn and Naehyun. What are your initial thoughts?

Since I didn’t even get a chance to face Pawn in the first game, my feelings are still neutral on Pawn. In regards to Naehyun, I don’t think he plays good or bad.

¤ SANDBOX is tied for 1st place. Did you expect this outcome?

The only thing I knew for certain was that we were going to win our games today and the ones we had before that. The next game is crucial, and I believe the LCK has only just begun.

As a team, we constantly think about how we go about the game the way the Chinese teams do. We try our best to learn and play like the Chinese teams.

¤ Are you worried about facing SKT T1?

I am more so excited on the SKT T1 match. I love how I get to meet Faker face to face inside the game. This is the first time I will face “The strongest team in Korea” on stage. I also wonder how Faker thinks on the stage. Since the way you approach games in solo q and competitive is different, I am excited to see how Faker plays.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

First of, I want to thank the SANDBOX organization giving us support. Also, I want to thank Logitech for sponsoring us. A lot of people are supporting us, and I hope you guys continue supporting us in the future.

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