Griffin Viper: "We wanted to display a game with different quality and fun from other games for people who will be watching."


On January 19th, the 4th day of the 1st week for the LCK 2019 Spring Season took place at the LoL Park, South Korea. The 2nd match was between Griffin and Jin Air Green Wings, in which Griffin overwhelmed Jin Air Green Wings in both sets, giving only 1 kill and no turrets. It was a perfect victory even though Griffin tried a new team comp in the first set, picking Urgot, Evelyn, Sion, Vladimir, and Ornn.

Following is the interview with Griffin’s AD Carry, Viper.

How do you feel about your victory?

It feels great since we won like we should in a true tournament -- a perfect win. We would trade a lot and get many kills and deaths when we are practicing but this time, I’m satisfied with how we tried to play without giving our enemy any opportunities in today’s match like a true tournament. Although one of us did die...

How did you feel after you picked Vladimir?

I wanted us to win. When we saw our opponent team picking Ezreal first, I told my teammates that we should go for Vladimir, and we thought we won in that moment. We only thought about how we should play the game. The drafts worked out as we expected.

Weren’t you frustrated that you didn’t get picked as MVP today even though you carried as Vladimir?

I did get picked as MVP many times with my Vladimir last summer, so… Personally, I wanted to see Sword get picked as MVP today but Tarzan did just too great. I do think that we might be able to see Sword getting picked as MVP soon, though.

It was the first time your team picked Ornn as support today. Did you find it good during your practice?

I don’t know. Ornn wasn’t designed as a support so I don’t think it was very helpful for me. It felt like I had to take on enemy bot laners by myself so I did feel some burden on myself until Ornn had learned his ultimate skill. It feels better when we work on our team comp… I think it will be alright once I get used to it, although it almost did feel like an Elise support. I think he made that choice because the fights over the objectives have become more crucial nowadays.

Griffin has been performing well so you must be getting high expectations. Your goal for this season must be different from others; is there any other goal you have than just winning?

We can think about the next only after we won in this season. There are still a number of matches we have to play in and it feels weird since people regard highly of us. We want to think only about the games we have left and try hard.

Your first week was off to a great start, and you will be playing against HLE and DAMWON Gaming next week. DAMWON has also been doing great, and they want to win against Griffin.

It will be fun. Both of us and DAMWON changed very much since we met in the Challengers League… I don’t know how they will play. Just like we did, DAMWON improved very much after they joined the LCK. It certainly won’t be easy but it will be fun for sure.

You missed out on a ban in the second game. Why is that?

We wanted to but we couldn’t. I can’t say why, though. But I think it turned out to be better that way.

What is your thought on DAMWON’s bot laners?

I don’t really have anything to say. I think five of us play better so obviously, I think our bot laners will win against them. We wanted to display a game with different quality and fun from other games for people who will be watching.

Lastly, would you like to say anything?

We’ve only played two games so far but I am thankful that there are people regard highly of us. I hope this will be the season where we get to try hard and prepare well in order to finish
 it with fun, and make it to the playoffs where we get to take on another chance to win again.

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