Former Naventic players file lawsuit against owner for unpaid earnings

Jan 18, 2019
▲ A Dot Esports report reveals that the former owner of Team Naventic owes its players over $50,000.


Today it was revealed by Dot Esports' reporter Nicole Carpenter that five former professional Heroes of the Storm players for Team Naventic have filed a lawsuit against former owner, James Ross Elliot II, for more than $50,000 in unpaid earnings.


According to the report and information provided to InvenGlobal, the players had tried to serve court documents to the owner 14 times. But, due to Elliot's unknown location, they had been unable to complete the process.


The Dot Esports report claims that Christopher “zuna” Buechter, Ken “Kenma” Buechter, Sammuel “bigempct” Hua, Thomas “Tomster” Maguire, and Josh “bkid” Choi state that they are owed $55,125 in unpaid wages and prize money, not including interest.


▲ Former Team Naventic player Christopher "Zuna" Buechter (middle).


Shortly after the team disbanded in August of 2017 due to Elliot's unknown whereabouts, the players attempted to contact Elliot for unpaid wages but failed to get in contact with him after he went off-the-grid and stopped returning calls and emails, according to an InvenGlobal source.


The team hired a lawyer, who has been trying to get in touch with Elliot for more than a year, and simply assumed they were never going to get the money as they had not heard from him since, per a source.




After Activision Blizzard recently pulled the plug on supporting the competitive Heroes of the Storm scene back in December, this news tops off what will be remembered as a tumultuous last few months for the title's competitive circuit.

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