SKT Head Coach kkOma: "This year, I want to show the fans the performance that they wanted to see"

On the 16th of January, at the newly established LoL Park, the opening day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. The first series of the day featured SK Telecom T1 and Jin Air Green Wings, in which SKT claimed victory over JAG with a score of 2-0. Having shown improvements in their team coordination since the last time that they had played, SKT's head coach kkOma shared his thoughts regarding the team's progress in development. 

The following is an interview with SKT's head coach, kkOma.

You've just won the very first match of the 2019 LCK Spring Split. How does it feel?

This victory was our very first here in the LCK season after our large-scale makeover of the roster. It feels great that we won 2-0.

Looking at their performance today, SKT showed a lot of improvements in teamwork when compared to their performance during the KeSPA Cup.

It's just the beginning, so we're still in the work of forming team synergy. Through scrims and feedback through the coaches, we're focusing on forming solid teamwork. Individually, the players are all outstanding; but they weren't able to play that many games where every player was on the same track. The players are continuing to practice to match their playstyles together.

Today was Clid's debut here in the LCK. He's made a number of amazing plays on Lee Sin. What is your opinion about this player?

Today was Clid's very first match here in the LCK, so he must've been very nervous. However, he performed extremely well. But of course, it's not just him that performed well. All five SKT players on stage did well.

Teddy had also performed extremely well today.

From the laning phase to positioning during teamfights, Teddy did everything well today.

Although you mentioned that all five players did well, who would you pick out of the five if you are to give an MVP title?

I personally think Khan deserves it. During game 2, Khan was frequently dived by the enemy team. However, he was able to counter the enemy at times and had even dealt a lot of damage during teamfights. That's why I believe he is today's MVP. Please emphasize this on your article. 

Many fans are excited to see "SKT's comeback" this season. Does that pressure you at all?

I had said this before during the LCK Media Day, but I'll say it again: our current members are so strong at the moment that I don't necessarily feel any pressure regarding that subject.

Ever since I started my coaching career in 2013, each and every game put pressure on me. I don't feel more or less than what I have always been feeling. 

If the players continue to mesh well, where do you think SKT will end up on the leaderboard once the Split is over?

1st place. It's 1st place.

Do you have any last words for the SKT fans reading this interview?

Thank you for always cheering for us. This year, I want to show the fans the performance that they wanted to see; a performance that they'll be satisfied with. Our coaching staff, Fly and Zefa, are also doing their best for the team. Please cheer for them as well.

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