[LCK Media Day] SKT T1 kkOma: "As long as they mend well with each other, I have no doubt that we will do well. I’m not too worried."

On the 11th at LoL Park, the 2019 LCK Spring Split press conference commenced with 10 LCK teams. The massively popular team, SKT, and recent KeSPA Cup champions, Griffin, were asked the most questions.

SKT T1 Head Coach, kkOma, opened up with "I apologize that our results last year was poor. This year, I want to produce results that will please our loving fans.". When asked if there is a high level of pressure, kkOma responded "Every season, regardless of player recruitment, I have had a lot of pressure. Since all of our players are talented, as long as they mend well with each other, I have no doubt that we will do well. I’m not too worried.".

SKT’s Captain, Faker, gave his ambitions for this split "I didn’t play well during KeSPA. I will try my utmost to display a completely different performance in the upcoming split".

When cvMax was asked about his ambitions for this split, he gave a unique response. "Regardless of what teams we face, I promise we will show a high level of performance for the fans." He later went on to give his hopes for LCK to be able to show their old dominant self in international tournaments. With Griffin’s performance at KeSPA, cvMax responded: "During KeSPA Cup, it was inevitable for us to have better cohesion due to minimal changes to our roster.".

H-Dragon, Head Coach for Jin Air, and Hirai, Head Coach for Kingzone, gave their remarks on their mixed performances in their respective teams. H-Dragon said "I know that our team is nicknamed ‘Daiso’ (Korean shop which has everything you need). However, we will try our best to display a more aggressive style of play". Soon after, Hirai asked for support by saying "I heard somewhere on the radio that our team was rated 9th. After we heard that statement, the whole team was determined to work hard.".

The two teams that were successfully promoted were asked questions as well. When they were asked which two teams they would like to defeat no matter what, Micro, the Head Coach for DAMWON Gaming, pointed to Griffin and SKT T1. The Head Coach for SANDBOX Gaming, Sally, explained, “We want to win against kt because we’ve dreamt of the LCK by looking at kt, and we would also like to win against DAMWON Gaming as they got promoted with us.”

Head Coach Micro seemed overwhelmed by the appraisal his team got with Griffin, although he seemed to enjoy it at the same time. “If we were to evaluate ourselves… Honestly, I think it will be hard for us to do as well as Griffin did last year. Though I think we might make it to the postseason once we get used to it.”

Lastly, ZanDarc, the Head Coach for kt Rolster, revealed his ambition by saying, “Many of our members changed. But we have players who are keeping the team balanced so I’m expecting us to get good results as long as we work on our team coordination. We’d like to show that kt Rolster has changed with our new members.”

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