From a weak girl to a mighty knight! New Child Charlotte original animation revealed in Destiny Child


New Child Charlotte has been added to Destiny Child global server and an animated short that shows her original story has been revealed. In the animation, Yoko, a friend of the Master who works at the same convenience store with him gets dragged into the Archfiend Contest by accident and ends up making a pact with the Master. Yoko later becomes a Child named Charlotte.

Yoko used to be a weak and insecure girl, but she makes a pact with the Master to save him when he lost the battle against Frej and a new Child Charlotte is born to protect him. The animated short features the main story of the game as well as the origin of Charlotte, and we can finally learn that the Master’s human name is Togashi Osamu.

In the game, Charlotte is a Light-type Attacker who is a powerful dps in Devil Rumble. She can deal defense-ignoring damage to two enemies with low HP, and will deal additional damage to enemies that have barriers. Charlotte is included as one of the Childs in the Pickup Summon along with Cube Moa, Aroa, and Mammon.


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